Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long to Process?

The most common reason for a delayed Walmart order, is limited stock or stock-outs, unplanned extended deliveries from suppliers, and/or unexpectedly high demand on a product whereby backorders have to be filled first.

However, it is Walmart’s objective to meet EVERY order on time hence checks and balances and easy access to their help centers are paving the way to greater efficiency.

Reasons For Long Processing Times

There are serval reasons for processing delays:

1. Pickup Delays

The process after the customer places their online order should take under four hours, though this is normally less than two hours.

By then, you should have received your “Ready for Pick Up” message.

A delay in your receiving this message is usually attributable to inventory queries, supplier delivery delays, or stock-outs.

Delays at pick-up can be minimized by ensuring you have received the “Ready for Pick Up” message.

Then make use of both the Walmart “check-in option” before you leave for the store and again on arrival at the pick-up point to let them know that you are here to collect.

2. Delivery Delays

A stock-out situation could arise for several reasons.

These include where inventory has run out due to supplier shortages or late deliveries, unusually high demand for a particular inventory item or carrier congestion, and other reasons.

Equally, appointed delivery contractors to your area could be delayed for several reasons.

Your delivery tracking advice with an updated status for your order should appear no later than two days after the previous update.

If two days after the expected delivery date your order has not arrived then you will need to contact customer care using the “contact us” facility.

Walmart will usually deliver within two working days thus holidays or weekends must be added to the expected delivery date.

3. Shipping and Carrier Delays

Walmart not only has its own in-house fleet of vehicles for deliveries in the USA but they make extensive use of services provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, and smaller carriers such as Instacart and Spark.

All carriers can experience a multitude of delays from traffic congestion, weather, overoptimistic schedules, customer receiving delays, and human error amongst a myriad of others.

In the case of deliveries delayed more than two days after the due date the customer should exercise the contact us option or contact their delivery agent locally.

Why Does My Walmart Order Still Say Processing?

If your Walmart order remains in “processing” mode it indicates that your order has been received but not yet shipped.

Most often this is due to an unresolved query on inventory or awaiting a soon-to-be-expected delivery from their suppliers.

Your order will thus be processed as soon as the relevant issues are resolved.

How Long Does Processing Take?

Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long to Process

It usually takes two to four hours for Walmart to process your order. 

Stock delays and pending receiving of stock situations do arise from time to time and you could wait up to five days before the situation is resolved.

If there is an issue that will prevent Walmart from fulfilling your order they may deem it necessary to cancel the order.

Cancellation is unusual but should it happen a consultant will contact you to inform you of such.

However, all being well,  once the issue is resolved your order will be processed and automatically moved on to the “shipping” mode.

Can You Get Compensation For A Delayed Walmart Order

Legally, Walmart is not obliged to compensate customers where offered delivery dates are not adhered to.

Importantly this would include not being liable for any subsequent consequential loss claims due to late delivery.

However as a worldwide respected retail giant, Walmart operates a best practice initiative when there has been a delay in delivery, thus they will make compensation if approached by the customer.

Walmart’s customer helpline can be reached through the “contact us” facility.

The amount of compensation can vary but a discount of not less than  10 % of the purchase value can be reasonably expected.

Customer satisfaction is vital and paramount in Walmart’s business philosophy hence their willingness to assist a customer on such claims.



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