Who Makes Supertech Oil For Walmart?

Walmart’s popular Super Tech Oil is produced by the Warren Oil Company Inc.

If you have a look at the underside of any Super Tech Oil bottle you will notice the initials ‘WPP’ imprinted on the bottle.

This stands for ‘Warren Performance Products’ (not World Petroleum Partnership!).

About Supertech Oil

Supertech oil is a market-leading lubricant for good reason;

  • It doesn’t thicken in low temperatures.
  • It doesn’t break down in hot temperatures.
  • It is cleaner than comparable synthetic oils.
  • It doesn’t rapidly evaporate.
  • It minimizes the build-up of acid.
  • Relatively cheap.

..so it’s no surprise that Walmart is all too happy to sell it and use it themselves when they are doing oil changes.

About The Warren Oil Company

The Warren Oil company was formed in 1976 by Irvin Warren.

They had just two employees and one semi-automatic packaging line at the time.

55 years later they now have over 500 staff members and operate 6 facilities spread throughout the U.S. and are well known for their world-class lubricants.

In 2016 Warren Oil was acquired by a private investment company.

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