Who does Walmart use for Shipping?

To accommodate the millions of deliveries that arrive at stores daily Walmart makes use of many shipping services depending on the service required and the size and quantity of product to be shipped.

Walmart mainly uses third-party courier services such as FedEx and USPS to ship two-day and next-day home deliveries.

As shipping routes and contractors vary from state to state, smaller companies are utilized such as Postmates, DoorDash, Roadie, Point Pickup, SkipCart and AxelHire.

who does walmart use for shipping

Walmart maintains a $5.99 delivery fee on all orders under $35 regardless of the company.

Walmart also has its own fleet of trucks and drivers who ship products nationwide.

Walmart currently employs more than 8,000 drivers who operate a fleet in excess of 6,400 trucks and 60,000 trailers delivering products to distribution centers and stores.

Who does Walmart use for Same Day Deliveries?

The demand and attraction for same-day delivery especially since the advent of the Covid Pandemic have meant that Walmart has teamed up with Instacart.

Instacart operates a grocery delivery and pickup service via a website or mobile app.

Who does Walmart use for Same Day Deliveries

Customers order groceries from Walmart and the shopping is done by a personal shopper from Instacart and delivered the same day.

Instacart’s service currently operates at a majority of Walmart stores across more than 44 states.

Customers can order household essentials, groceries, alcohol, health, and other listed items from Walmart and Instacart will deliver the items within hours of purchase.

Who Delivers Walmart Groceries?

Walmart uses the Spark Driver initiative that makes use of self-employed drivers to sign a contract with their local Walmart Store.

They will pick up and deliver groceries to customers’ doors on the same day depending on what time the order has been placed.

Spark Driver is an app that allows customers to place orders.

Who Delivers Walmart Groceries

Once an order is placed the order becomes visible to available Spark drivers who earn money by picking up and delivering the order.

Everything can be done via the app. Accepting orders, obtaining directions etc.

Instacart is also used by Walmart to deliver groceries especially if required on the same day.

Who does Walmart use to Ship Large Items?

When shipping heavy or oversized items such as televisions, refrigerators or oversized items Walmart will use their own fleet of vehicles to ship the items.

Who does Walmart use to Ship Large Items

Walmart also makes use of Swift Transportation, Conway Freight and Greatwide Logistics.

The assigned freight company will contact customers to arrange for a convenient delivery date.

Does Walmart use FedEx?

FedEx and Walmart have formed a partnership allowing FedEx to have offices in-store making it convenient to Print, Pack, and ship in-store.

Customers can therefore pick up orders shipped by FedEx or posy returns.

Customers can also arrange for a FedEx pickup when returning heavy oversized items to Walmart.

FedEx delivery costs are the standard $5.99 for orders less than $35 or for free for orders exceeding $35.

FedEx is a major delivery service used by Walmart and is responsible for routine home (same-day or two-day) deliveries.

Does Walmart use USPS? 

The United States Postal Service is used to deliver items such as clothes, electronics, home furnishings, and reasonably sized items ordered from Walmart.com.

They are not the preferred method of shipping for all customers as USPS does not provide personal accounts or subaccounts.

Does Walmart use DPD?

Walmart does use the DPD Group.

You can connect DPD to Walmart by integrating DPD and Walmart with ShippyPro to ship, track and manage returns for your orders.

Does Walmart Ship Overseas?

Although Walmart operates stores overseas it does not have direct shipping to international countries.

Third-Party carriers such as a package forwarding company like Planet Express can receive your parcel and forward it to practically anywhere in the world.

Customers can also order reasonably sized goods. Relabel the goods and send them internationally using their own courier service.

FedEx, USPS, and UPS postal services will ship internationally.

How does Market Place Sellers Ship goods?

An ever-increasing number of Walmart’s personal fleet and drivers are being used to move goods generated through Walmart.com.

Walmart has established Walmart Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) A (DSV) is a supplier or manufacturer who keeps goods in their own warehouse then ships them directly to customers when purchased on Walmart.

Merchants choose their own courier services such as logistics company Deliverr, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS.

Summing up: Who Does Walmart Use for Shipping?

  • FedEx is the major delivery service used by Walmart to ship their merchandise.
  • USPS is also used extensively by Walmart as a delivery service.
  • Instacart does same-day deliveries on household goods and groceries.
  • Spark Drivers are independent drivers contracted by Walmart to pick up and deliver groceries.
  • Walmart operates its own substantial fleet of trucks, trailers, and drivers.
  • Walmart does not ship internationally

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