Where To Find Apple Cider In Walmart

Walmart stores typically stock their Apple Cider in one of three places, in order of likelihood, these are:

  1. The juice aisle (typically it will be refrigerated).
  2. The fruit and vegetable section.
  3. Close to the checkouts (only likely to be here when apple cider is in season from September to December).

Finding Apple Cider With The Walmart App

If you haven’t been able to find Apple Cider anywhere and there is no member of staff available to help, you should install the Walmart app, you can then use it to check if Apple Cider is in stock and where it is.

If it is in stock then the app will tell you which aisle it can be found in and where exactly in the aisle you can find it.

To do this you will need to:

  1. Setup a Walmart account if you don’t have one (takes two minutes).
  2. Find the Walamart you’re in using your Zipcode.
  3. Type “Apple Cider” in the search bar and tap search.

The app will then tell you if it is in stock, which aisle to find it in and where exactly in the aisle to find it.

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