Where to Buy Stamps in Seattle

Knowing the closest places to buy stamps in Seattle can be very useful, regardless of whether you need to purchase a book of stamps, single stamps, or international stamps.

This list will guide you to a few close-by locations that sell postage stamps.

List of Location and Places to Buy Stamps in Seattle:

Postal Offices

  1. UPS Store
  2. USPS Store
  3. Sip and Ship
  4. Alki Mail and Dispatch
  5. Queen Anne Dispatch
  6. Lake Union Mail

Other Places

  1. Pharmacies 
  2. Walmart supercenter stores
  3. Amazon
  4. Office Supply and Book Stores

Guide to Where You Can Purchase Stamps in Seattle

1. Postal Office

The best postal service spot to purchase stamps is the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can head to their site here and request as many stamps as you need. 

Another great alternative is a UPS Store. All UPS Stores give and sell postage stamps, either by books of 10 or individual stamps. To make life easier, they also offer envelopes that are already stamped. 

There are two types of UPS stores; one is for packaging and sending mail, and it’s known as the UPS packaging center, whereas the other is the place where they sell stamps and other mailing supplies like envelopes, pens, and tape. 

The latter is referred to as the “Office and Mailing Supplies” UPS Store, and that’s where you need to go to get some stamps. 

You can visit this link here to locate where you are and find the nearest store located to you. 

2. Pharmacies

Despite that there’s no guarantee that any of the nearby drug stores will offer stamps, most well-known pharmacies do. 

CVS (view on map), Walgreens (view on map), and RiteAid (view on map) should be able to assist you with getting stamps. They stock a wide assortment of stamps, so you’ll surely find the right one for you.

3. Walmart SuperCenter Stores 

Walmart is open 24/7, so there’s no time limit in comparison to when purchasing in a postal office.

Additionally, Walmart is a supermarket so if you need other materials, like, an envelope or writing paper, this the place to get it.

4. Amazon – Online Ordering

You can request and purchase stamps online from the official US postage stamps website and Amazon. You can also order stamps from Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. 

The only issue with ordering on Amazon and online websites is that they don’t sell individual stamps, so you’ll need to purchase a full sheet. 

The stamps should be delivered to you within 1-2 days. If you’re not in a rush, then Amazon is the best spot to purchase stamps on the web.

5. Office Supply and Book Stores

This list wouldn’t be complete if we have excluded office supply stores and bookstores. 

Bookshops and office supply stores are accessible almost everywhere in Seattle. You can go there to purchase stamps and other supplies you may need. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying postage stamps, the prices are all pretty much the same, so it’s all about the convenience of the location. 

If the post office is closed, then a pharmacy would be the best place to buy it. If your local pharmacy is closed, try Walmart.

We hope you found this buying guide sufficiently useful to help you purchase postage stamps.

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