Where to Buy Stamps in NYC?

In New York City there are thousands of outlets where you can buy stamps

Read on to learn where to buy stamps in NYC:

Popular Stamp-Selling Stores in NYC

Wherever you are in NY, I’m sure you’ll find places near you that sell stamps. The most obvious would be USPS, but we’re leaving that out of the list so we can focus on the places you can go if there’s no USPS near you. Consider the following outlets:


Walmart is one of the most reliable outlets for stamps. Luckily, there are Walmart branches all over NYC. 

While you’re at it, you can purchase just about anything you need from Walmart, from writing paper for your letters to today’s groceries. 

Office Supply Stores

Most office supply stores sell stamps. Staples is one of the biggest of these stores in NYC and is also pretty widespread. 

Another famous office supply store that sells stamps in NYC is Tribeca. Though it doesn’t have many branches, it allows you to order online or by phone. You can check out their website here.

Gas Stations

A lot of gas stations across NYC sell stamps, and the pro point about it is that most of them are always open, day and night. You can go to the nearest gas station and check if they sell stamps.

One gas station that’s guaranteed to sell stamps is Wawa. It’s one of the most well-known gas stations in NY, and you’ll find it in different places around the city. 

Grocery Stores

Your local grocery store might be selling stamps, but you’ll have to ask the salesman about this since they don’t usually put stamps on display. 

What’s nice about local grocery stores that sell stamps is that they don’t usually mind only giving you one stamp instead of the whole package.

Hannaford is one of the grocery stores that sell stamps and has many branches in NY. KMart is another famous grocery store chain that sells stamps. However, it only has one branch in NY, so it might not be close to you.


Finding stamps may be as easy as visiting your local pharmacy. Of course, not all pharmacies provide this service, but why not check?

One of the pharmacies that definitely sell stamps is CVS, which has several branches in NY. Rite Aid has fewer branches, but also sells stamps.


Many banks in the USA sell postage stamps. For some banks, you have to go to the bank to get them. Other banks sell stamps via ATMs.

One of the banks that offer both services is Wells Fargo, and it’s one of the most widespread banks that sell stamps in NY. 

Final Thoughts

If you need stamps urgently, one of the above-listed outlets will definitely help you. If there’s a USPS store nearby, I suggest you check it out first, as it’s the most common place for stamps. 

Note that you could also order stamps online from websites like Amazon, but you’ll have to wait a few days for them to arrive.

Lastly, bear in mind that the price of the stamps may differ according to their class and the place from which you’re buying them.

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