Where to Buy Stamps in Brooklyn

Nobody likes to go through the hassle of looking up places or waiting in lines for purchasing postage stamps, especially when time isn’t on your side.

We’ve compiled for you a guide that lists the best places where you can buy stamps all over Brooklyn. That way, you know your direction without doing a lot of research.

Our list will help you locate the nearest spot you can get your stamps from.

USPS Offices

Your first choice to purchase postage stamps in Brooklyn is the United States Postal Service offices. You’ll find the lowest price for stamps there, and you’ll find everything you need, whether it’s a single stamp or a roll.


It’s not uncommon to find stamps in drugstores, but the following are the best pharmacy choices where you can find them.

Some of the reliable pharmacies for stamps in Brooklyn are Walgreen, Rite Aid, CVS,

Duane Reade, and Accurate Pharmacy.

Walgreens is known for selling stamps alongside medicine and even food. However, they don’t offer to sell single stamps. You have to purchase a whole book of stamps from their stores.

CVS is known for being more than just pharmacies, offering a variety of healthcare products. Individuals and books of postage stamps are readily available at their stores in Brooklyn.

Being both a drugstore and convenience store, Duane Reade stores sell postage stamp books. However, they don’t offer individual stamps.


One of the most dependable sources of postage stamps that’s fairly new is withdrawing stamps from ATMs. If you don’t like to deal with ATMs, most banks offer selling stamps.

Our top choices of banks that sell stamps in Brooklyn are Ridgewood Savings Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, and KeyBank. These banks also offer ATMs that sell postage stamps.

Retail Stores

Sometimes, it seems out of the question to be unable to find what you’re looking for in huge retail stores like Target. However, it’s always better to give the store a call before you drop by to make sure.

Find postage stamps at retail stores in Brooklyn like Target, Costco Wholesale, Staples, Kmart, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.


While paying for your groceries, simply ask for postage stamps at the cashier in supermarkets like Stop & Shop and Wegmans.

Convenience Stores

From their name, convenience stores are all about last-minute buying. Don’t hesitate to ask for postage stamps at these convenience stores at any corner in Brooklyn, even at gas stations.

Two reliable locations are 7-Eleven and Circle K.

Other Places

Various places offer postage stamps, and FedEx seems to be one of the most obvious of them!

Another place that sells stamp books is the Brooklyn Gallery of Coins & Stamps.

It’s a Wrap

You can find postage stamps in Brooklyn at a nearby supermarket, retail or convenience store, a bank or an ATM, and even at a pharmacy. You’re just a few steps away.

With this guide, finding postage stamps in Brooklyn can’t get easier!

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