Where to Buy Stamps in Boston

Have you ever wondered why stamps just disappear when you need to send a letter? So did I!

Luckily, many places sell stamps, both in-store and online. If you want to know where to buy stamps in Boston, keep on reading.

Places to Buy Stamps in Boston

If you don’t want to wait for a couple of days for an online stamps order, you don’t have to. Here are some places where you can buy stamps on the spot.


This is the most obvious option to get the stamps you need. There are 13 Post Offices where you can buy stamps in Boston, Massachusetts.


There are over 5000 Walmart stores in the United States. Chances are there’ll be one near you. You can find pretty much everything there, including stamps! Plus, they’re open 24 hours a day.

You can buy stamps in books of 20 at their MoneyCenter or customer service desk.


If you couldn’t find a nearby USPS or Walmart, look for the nearest Staples. Staples are famous for selling stationery products and providing print services. 

You can get all of your office supplies, as well as stamps, from the nearest store. They also sell first-class stamps, known as Forever Stamps


This chain of convenience stores gets its name from its working hours, 7 am to 11 pm. Some 7-Eleven stores in Boston are open 24 hours. 

They provide many services. Luckily, selling stamps happens to be one of them! 


It’s not common knowledge that some pharmacies sell stamps, but it’s true!

You can find various branches of Walgreens and CVS around Boston where you can buy stamps. However, local independent pharmacies may not have any.


You can buy stamps from almost any bank these days. Some examples of these banks in Boston include Wells Fargo and US Bank.

Stamps are typically available over the counter or in ATMs. The only drawback here is the limited opening hours of banks. 

Other Stores and Services that Sell Stamps

Stamps can be even closer than you might think. You can easily get them at a local newsagent, book store, grocery store, printing shop, or gas station. 

Color Copy Center Boston and Alphagraphics are printing shops in Boston where you can find stamps. You can also get stamps at the UPS stores. UPS stores offer stamped envelopes as well.

Online Stores

As a last option, you can always buy stamps from online retailers. You can buy them through the United States Postal Service website or from Amazon

Wrap up

If you need to buy stamps for an urgent letter or postcard, this list of places around Boston has you covered. 

Most big chains and superstores don’t usually sell single stamps. They most likely sell full books of stamps. Most online stores are unlikely to sell single stamps too.

Therefore, if you want to buy a single stamp, your top options would be a pharmacy, a gas station, or a local newsagent.

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