Where Is Borax In Walmart?

Borax is a very versatile and effective cleaning product yet it can often be hard to track down in Walmart.

If you’re looking for Borax in Walmart right now then head to the laundry aisle.

You will find that the most prominent middle shelves are dedicated to the most popular laundry brands, Borax will typically be either on one of the lower or higher shelves so take care to have a close look for it.

If you are in the laundry aisle and are still having trouble finding Borax then, if there is no member of staff available to help, you should install the Walmart app, you can then use it to check if Borax is in stock.

If Borax is in stock then the app will tell you which aisle it can be found in and whereabout in the aisle to find it.

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