When Does Urban Outfitters Restock?

Unfortunately, Urban Outfitters has not disclosed any schedule or time on when their stores restock.

However, the store said that some items would not be restocked after they had been sold out.

If you are looking for a specific item and want to know whether it will be available again, you can send Urban Outfitters a message of the item’s SKU number, and the store will let you know about its inventory. 

How To Get Notified If An Item Is Back In Stock At Urban Outfitters?

urban outfitters restock

Currently, Urban Outfitters does not offer any notification when a specific item is back in stock.

However, you can always check their Back In Stock page and see if the item you are looking for is available again.

Also, while they don’t offer back-in-stock notification, you can sign up for their newsletter if you want to receive updates on the store’s latest promotion, exclusive content or get dibs on their new arrivals. 

What Is Urban Outfitters Reward Program?

If you want to track your purchases in-store and online at Urban Outfitters, you can join the Urban Outfitters reward program.

This reward program allows you to convert your purchases into points that can lead to discounts. 

Members will receive $5 rewards every time they reach 100 points.

Apart from that, you will get a 10% welcome discount for joining, early access to sales, exclusive giveaways, anniversary discount code, and so much more.

Plus, you can also receive a birthday present as a member. 

I Can’t Find An Item At the Urban Outfitter Store. Does It Mean It’s Out Of Stock?

If you visited a store to purchase an item you’ve spotted during your last visit, it is likely that you may not find that product in the same spot.

This is because items are usually being moved around the store based on how trendy they are and their demand.

So if you don’t see the item on its previous spot, it doesn’t mean that it’s sold out.

You just need to do a little bit of searching, or you can ask an employee about it. 


Unfortunately, Urban Outfitters does not disclose its restocking schedule to its customers.

It also does not have a back-in-stock notification, so if you’re looking for a specific out-of-stock item, you can either check the Back In Stock page or message them the SKU number so they can provide its inventory information.

Alternative Stores

If you’re looking for a specific fashion-related item that you just can’t seem to get hold of in Urban Outfitters then you could see if places such as Gym Shark, Fashion Nova, Golf Wang, PrettyLittleThing, Hot Topic, Hollister, UniqloH&M, ASOS, Burlington, UNIF, Dolls Kills, Yesstyle, TJ Maxx, SupremeAmerican Eagle or even thrift stores such as Value Village may have restocking schedules that suit you better.

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