When Does UNIF Restock

Unfortunately, there is no information available on when UNIF restocks its products. However, some customers claim the store restocks their products every two months or so.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a specific item currently out of stock, the store does not offer any back-in-stock notification.

But you can message them directly and ask if they are going to bring the item back. 

How Can I Check If UNIF Is Restocking Sold Out Items?

While UNIF does not offer back-in-stock notifications, no rules say that you can’t email customer service to ask about the stock of a specific item.

So if you like an item that is currently sold out, feel free to email them about it.

If you are not shy, you can also try to reach them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Many brands are responsive to their customers on social media, so you might get lucky and have your question answered. 

The store also has a Back In Stock page, where they upload old items that are currently in demand.

You can check the page frequently to check whether the item you’re looking for is currently in stock.

Alternatively, many associate resale sites sell “old” or “used” clothes. You can check out sites like Vestiaire Collective, What Goes Around Comes Around, and The RealReal to check whether they have the UNIF item you’re looking for. 

Is There A Way To Check UNIF’s New Inventory Or Collection?

Yes, you can check UNIF’s new collection right before they drop.

Simply go to the Coming Soon page on their website, and you can find the store’s latest inventory.

You can also sign up for their newsletter to get the latest promotions, updates, and events.

Signing up for the newsletter will also give you a 10% welcome discount, which is a great deal, especially if you like shopping at the store. 

Alternative Stores To Try

If you’re looking for a specific fashion-related item that you just can’t seem to get hold of in UNIF then you could see if places such as Gym Shark, ASOS, Burlington, TJ Maxx, Golf Wang, PrettyLittleThing, Hot Topic, Hollister, Fashion Nova, H&M, Dolls Kills, Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle or even thrift stores such as Value Village may have restocking schedules that suit you better.


While UNIF does not disclose its restocking schedule, you can take advantage of the Coming Soon and Back In Stock page to check for new products and inventory.

If you want to get your hands on an out-of-stock item, feel free to message the store and ask if they will bring the item back.

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