When Does ULTA Restock?

ULTA is a popular place to shop for your favorite perfume, makeup, haircare, and skincare products.

However, if you love shopping here, you must know when the store restocks to get everything you need. 

ULTA beauty does not have a universal restocking schedule for all of its stores.

However, the stores typically restock their shelves once or twice a week, depending on the demand for their products.

Therefore, the restocking schedule varies, but all stores receive new shipments at least once a week. 

When Does ULTA Restock In-Store?

According to some ULTA employees, local ULTA stores usually restock their products one to three times a week, usually between Mondays to Fridays.

when does ulta restock

Once the store receives new shipments, employees refill the shelves right away, or if the shipment arrives in the evening, they will restock the next day.

The schedule depends on the shipments, and shipments vary per store. 

If you are wondering when ULTA will restock a specific item or refill the shelves with new products, you can call the store near you and ask them about the schedule.

Usually, an associate can provide you when they can expect their next shipment.

In some cases, you can ask the associate to hold an for you once it comes back in stock. 

When Does ULTA Restock Online?

Like the local ULTA stores, its online store does not follow a universal restocking schedule.

ULTA’s online inventory depends on its warehouse, and unfortunately, there’s no information on when the warehouses receive new shipments.

However, according to one of ULTA’s representatives, they list new stock at the ULTA beauty website within 24 hours after the distribution center receives new shipments. 

Tip: If an item you’re looking for is not available online, you can always check your local store for availability. Most of the time, the local stores have them in stock. Alternatively, you can choose to receive an email notification when an item is back in stock again. 

How Can I Get The Best Deals At ULTA?

If you want to get discounts at ULTA, you need to start using coupons. While coupons may seem like an old lady thing, they can actually save you a lot of money, especially when you shop at ULTA regularly. 

ULTA offers two types of coupons: $3.50 off $10 and the more exclusive 20% off. Both of these coupons can be found in your Sunday newspaper, so don’t forget to check the paper for it.

These can get you the best deals and discounts that you won’t usually get at ULTA.

Furthermore, you can also download the ULTA Beauty app (available for iOS and Android) to ensure that you are constantly updated with the latest ULTA coupons.

Apart from their coupons, ULTA also accepts manufacturer coupons.

The best part? You can stack both your ULTA and manufacturer coupons to save more money. 

However, be sure to check your local store and see which manufacturer coupons are accepted. 

Alternative Stores To Consider

Do you need to add more products to your beauty routine, but Lush doesn’t have them in stock? Check out the restocking schedule of Lush, Sephora and ColourPop to check if they have what you need. 


Although ULTA does not have a set restocking schedule, most stores refill their shelves between Mondays and Fridays when they receive new shipments.

There’s no information on the restocking schedule for its online store, but you can opt-in for notifications if you are looking for a specific item to be back in stock.

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