When Does Savers Restock?

Savers does not have a universal restocking schedule, but the racks and shelves are constantly replenished every day.

There is also no information regarding when new shipments come, but you can see the staff restocking the inventory, whether it’s the middle of the week or weekends.

If you want to know when exactly the store receives new shipments, you can approach one of the associates and ask. 

How Often Do Savers Restock?

Tops5 to 7 times a week
Bottoms5 to 7 times a week
Jackets5 to 7 times a week
Furniture5 to 7 times a week
Others5 to 7 times a week
The restocking schedule may vary depending on the store location. 

Savers do not have a set restocking schedule, but the store refills their shelves and racks almost every day.

If you want to know when exactly your local store replenishes its inventory, ask one of the store associates. 

How Can I Get Discounts At Savers?

when does savers restock

Savers has 50% sales every one to two months. This discount usually applies to most items, including clothing, shoes, accessories, bed, and bath.

However, this discount does not apply to books, new items, jewelry, or items tagged housewares or furniture. You also can’t combine it with other promos and coupons. 

For senior citizens, Savers gives you 30% off your purchase on Tuesdays. If you’re not a senior citizen, you can bring someone who is 55 and older to avail of the discount.

You can also take advantage of the Color of the Week promo and get a 50% discount from Thursday through Tuesday. Every week you’ll see a new color displayed. 

If you have a Super Saver Club membership, you can get a 20% discount on all of your purchases on your birthday. You just need to show a photo ID with your birthday on it to avail of the deal. 

What is a Super Savers Club card?

Super Savers Club is a program that provides members with exclusive updates and offers. To sign up, you can head down to the nearest store or through their website.

As a Super Savers Club member, you will get discounts and exclusive coupons, so you can save money whenever you shop at Savers.

The deal depends on how much your total purchase is. In some cases, you’ll get a $5 bonus with a purchase of a $30 gift card. 

Alternative Stores To Shop

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Savers restock its shelves almost every day. However, the store doesn’t have a universal restocking schedule, so it varies depending on the location and store size.

If you want to know the exact days and times, you can ask one of the store associates for more information. 

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