When Does Salvation Army Restock?

The Salvation Army thrift stores are known to restock their shop as soon as they get in donations.

Typically, the charity shop gets the most donations over the course of the weekend.

This means that the staff will likely fully restock the store on Mondays.

As these stores run solely on the donations of others, if no donations come in, the store will not restock.

Best Day to Go to Salvation Army?

Sometimes the Salvation Army thrift shop can look a little low on stock.

It may not always have the best finds or any at all.

This is because the store operates with donations from the more fortunate.

As these stores typically restock as they receive items, during the week, the store may be a little baron.

when does salvation army restock

The most popular days for donations to come in is during the weekend.

With the sudden flow of new items, it is likely that the thrift store will only process the items and restock the store when the new week starts.

So, the best time to visit your local Salvation Army store is during the first half of the new week.

Depending on how the store is run, Monday may be a bit of a busy day for restocking the store.

In which case, Tuesday would be the best day to visit the thrift store.

Wednesday is also good, but later in the week, the store will likely not have as much stock again.

Salvation Army Discount Days

Salvation Army thrift stores are almost always running specials.

The stores typically have several discount days where items go on sale.

The most common discount days are as follows:

  • Monday – Manager’s Special with up to 25% off selected items.
  • Wednesday – Customer Appreciation Day with 50% off clothes and Bric-A-Brac
  • Friday – Furniture Friday with up to 30% off
  • The first Saturday of the month – 50% Off most selected items, not including furniture or antiques.

Most stores are also known to run daily discounts where items that are the color of the week receive a 50% discount.

When Do Goodwills Restock?

As is the case with the Salvation Army, Goodwill stores are likely to restock as they receive donations.

Because the weekends are known to bring in the most donations, you will find that Monday is typically the most popular day for restocking the store.


Charity stores such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill are a way for the charity organizations to acquire the much-needed funds in order to help those in need.

These stores are known to be the place to find hidden gems as well as items at exceptionally good prices.

They are also excellent for recycling clothes and even upcycling items. 

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