When Does Rite Aid Restock?

Rite Aid is a pharmacy or drug store.

Unfortunately, some of the Rite Aid stores have had to close due to the company cutting costs.

However, a few Rite Aid stores remain in the most popular areas.

Typically, you can expect your Rite Aid store to restock its shelves and online store on a weekly basis.

Exact restocking days will vary by store, so it is best to contact your local Rite Aid store to find out when they restock the store.

How Often Does Rite Aid Restock?

General ItemsOnce per week

Generally, Rite Aid stores and online stores will restock items once per week. Each store will have its own restocking day. To find out the exact day your local Rite Aid store restocks, contact them and enquire.

It is common practice for most stores to restock at the beginning of the week.

This is due to the fact that the most popular days for shopping are at the end of the week, during the weekend.

Between Friday and Sunday, stores will generally make the most sales.

It is also likely that Monday will be allocated for the arrival of new stock at the store.

This is because it is the beginning of the week and the first day back, after the bust weekend.

Most rite Aid stores will set their restocking days for Tuesday or Wednesday.

This gives the company enough time to receive new stock before they begin repacking and restocking the shelves.

What Is Wellness+?

Wellness+ is a loyalty or free rewards program run by Rite Aid.

This rewards program offers member-only prices, exclusive e-mail offers, as well as rewards known as Wellness+ rewards.

There are three tiers of membership, each with various levels of benefits.

The tiers are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. As your tier increases, so do the benefits you are eligible for.

To join Wellness+, you can sign up online or in-store.

Can I Return Items at Rite Aid?

It is possible to return items for a refund at Rite Aid.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item to Rite Aid within 30 to 90 days, depending on the purchase.

Check the Rite Aid website or contact your local Rite Aid to find out more about the terms and conditions surrounding their returns policy.

Alternative Stores to Shop

If your local Rite Aid just does not have what you are looking for, there are a handful of alternative stores you could try.

The following are the top alternative stores to Rite Aid:


With weekly restocks, there is no doubt you will find what you need at your local Rite Aid store.

And with an online store, shopping at Rite Aid has never been easier!

If there is an instance when you just cannot find what you need, there are a few alternative stores you could take a look at.

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