When Does OVO Restock?

October’s Very Own, or OVO, is a popular online clothing store.

It is a Toronto-based store that manufactures home goods, accessories, and outwear as well as their premium clothing.

Restocks, also known as Drops, typically happens when a new collection comes out.

This can generally be expected to happen monthly.

However, other popular items may be restocked from time to time.

For a better idea as to when October’s Very Own restocks, check their social media accounts frequently.

OVO also posts information about upcoming collections in the News tab on their website.

How Often Does GameStop Restock?

Premium ClothingNew collections appear monthly
Home goodsUnknown

It would appear that OVO premium clothing has new collections that drop every month.

It is not exactly known when the store restocks other popular items, however.

Typically, when the store stocks new items, there is a limited amount available, and items tend to sell out rather quickly.

when does ovo restock

For the best idea as to when restocks occur, keep an eye on the October’s Very Own social media accounts as well as in the News tab on their website.

OVO tend to post regularly about upcoming collections and when they will be stocked in their shop.

Restock times and frequency for other merchandise such as OVO’s outwear, home goods, and accessories are also not known.

As with their premium clothing, it is best to keep a watch on October’s Very Own social media pages and the News tab on their website for more inside information.

Can I Return Items at October’s Very Own?

According to their website, October’s Very Own does not accept any returns.

Once an order has been made, it is final. It is also not possible to cancel or change an order once it has been placed.

In the OVO Frequently Asked Questions, the reason for not accepting returns or allowing the changing or cancellation of an order is due to the high order volumes as well as limited available quantities.

Alternative Stores to Shop

Due to the popularity of the brand, October’s Very Own may not often have stock of the products you are interested in.

If this is the case, there is no need to worry as there are several alternative stores for you to browse through and potentially shop at.

A few of the best alternative stores to OVO are:

  • Simons’
  • Frank and Oak
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Mark’s
  • Adidas Canada
  • Urban Planet


It can be tough to get your hands on your favorite October’s Very Own products as they tend to sell out rather quickly.

Luckily, there are monthly opportunities for you to shop new collections.

If you just can’t seem to luck out with OVO, however, there are a few alternative stores you could give a try.

You never know, you may just find something just as great somewhere else.

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