When Does Lush Restock?

Lush doesn’t have a restocking schedule, and they haven’t shared any information about how many shipments their stores receive per week. Furthermore, the store’s manufacturing isn’t at full capacity, which is why many items are easily sold out. 

But the store is working hard to prioritize manufacturing high-demand products to cater to customers’ requests. You can also contact customer support if you are looking for a specific product that has been unavailable for a while. 

What Are The Shipping Options At Lush?

MethodSmall package (3 kg or less)Large package (4.5 kg or less)Delivery time
Ground$6.00$10.002-8 business days
Air$8.00$12.002-4 business days
Priority$35.00$45.001-2 business days

Delivery times are based on standard business volume. 

Lush calculate your order’s shipping and handling cost depending on its total weight and your shipping method choice. The store only ships products on business days, and if you place an order before noon on a business day, you can expect your product to be shipped the same day. 

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lush is experiencing a five to six days delay on processing due to the influx of orders, and you might experience minor shipping delays. If you wish to receive your package sooner, upgrade your shipping method. 

when does lush restock

When WIll I Get My Lush Order Once It’s Shipped?

Due to the COVOID-19 pandemic, Lush is experiencing shipping delays. But don’t worry, the store is working overtime to deliver online orders.

When your order has been processed and shipped, you will get a tracking number. But don’t be concerned when you track your package and say there’s no information. It can take at least 48 hours (longer in some cases) for the courier to activate your tracking information. 

But once you have your tracking number, rest assured that it’s already on the way and has left the stores. In summary, Lush’s online orders will take about one to two weeks to be delivered to you after it’s placed. This includes process and delivery. 

Can I Order Out-Of-Stock Items At Lush?

Unfortunately, Lush doesn’t have any information on when they can refill their inventory. So, if a product is current;y out-of-stock, it may take a few weeks for it to be available again. This is because the store isn’t manufacturing products at full capacity, so some items may temporarily be unavailable, but Lush is working to prioritize manufacturing in-demand items. 

Can I Return A Product At Lush If It Arrives Melted Or Melts During Storage?

Lush products that are labeled with the melt warning symbol are created to melt at room temperature. During the summer months or in hot climates, these products may liquefy while in transit. Unfortunately, if a product with a melt warning melted during delivery, Lush won’t be able to replace or refund them. If you wish to order these products, do it at your own risk. To avoid disappointments, especially in hotter climates or seasons, it is best to buy meltable products at your local store. 

Tip: If the product melted, don’t worry. In most cases, you just need to put the item back into the fridge to solidify it. They are still usable; however, they may not look as good as before. So if you order a meltable product for delivery, keep it in a cool spot right when you receive it. 

Alternative Stores To Shop

Do you need to add more products to your beauty routine, but Lush doesn’t have them in stock? Check out the restocking schedule of Ulta, Sephora and ColourPop to check if they have what you need. 


Lush doesn’t have a set restocking schedule, but the store is trying to replenish the inventory of in-demand products. You can contact customer support if you need more information about an out-of-stock item. 

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