When Does IKEA Restock?

If you don’t like wasting your time shopping in-store, knowing when IKEA restocks can help you shop efficiently. 

Typically, IKEA restocks its products daily and weekly, depending on the product.

For example, smaller products are usually restocked every 1-2 days, while furniture and bigger items are restocked every 1-3 weeks.

However, this schedule varies and depends on the demand for the items and seasons. But IKEA’s restocking schedule won’t be longer than the time mentioned above. 

If you are looking for a specific item, it is best to check the IKEA website before visiting the store near you.

How Often Does IKEA Restock?

Product/SectionDay Restocked
Small ItemsEvery 1-2 days
FurnitureEvery 1-3 weeks
Big ItemsEvery 1-3 weeks
PlantsEvery 1-7 days
As-Is SectionEvery 1-7 days
These are the usual schedules, but they vary depending on the store, season & demand. 

IKEA does not have a set schedule on how often they restock their products, and this usually depends on the availability of the product and demand.

In some cases, IKEA restocks once the bin or shield is empty in the condition that the product is still available.

However, certain products are only introduced for a limited period, which can mean that once they run out of stock, they won’t be available anymore. 

If a product is discontinued, the item will not be restocked at all. This is why if you see an item that you like at IKEA, buy them immediately. 

When Does IKEA Restock Furniture?

IKEA receives its furniture stock in large shipments and often every weekend, which is why the restocking can take up to 2 weeks, and sometimes, more than that.

So if you’re looking for a new stock of furniture (desks, tables, couches, shelves, drawers, bed frames, side tables, or dressers), you can expect your nearby IKEA to restock within 1-3 weeks, depending on availability. 

When Does IKEA Restock Plants?

IKEA restocks its plants weekly, usually on a Monday, as shipments come over the weekend. Sometimes, it restocks its plants daily, especially for smaller plants.

Keep in mind that the shipment can sometimes be delayed depending on the supplier and stock availability as IKEA has four seasons of offering different plants (flowers, ferns, succulents, etc.). 

Is There A Way To Check If A Specific Product Is In-Stock In IKEA?

Yes, there is a way for you to check if the product you’re looking for is available in IKEA.

You just need to visit their website, go to the product page, and select “Check in-store stock.”

On this page, you can search for the product you want, and the website will generate the IKEA stores that have this product in stock. So simply look for the IKEA near you.

You can also search by city or state if you want to have several options. 

Stocks are updated every 24 hours, so it’s better to check them in the morning to ensure that the stock numbers are up-to-date.

However, if the product you’re looking for is out of stock at your chosen store, you have the option to sign up and receive a notification (text or email) once it is back in stock. 

Is IKEA Online Stock Accurate?

The stock count on the IKEA website is pretty accurate, which is why it is best to check the availability of the product you want to purchase on the website before visiting the store.

Single-digit stock numbers are risky, especially if you won’t be visiting the store right when it opens, as someone may have gotten it before you get to the store. 

Stock numbers on the website also count those that are in someone’s cart.

If it has rung through, it is still marked as available stock.

Overall, the accuracy of the stock on the website depends on the type of product.

Some products have high demand, which means that if the stock says 15, it might get sold out in an hour or two. 

Why Is IKEA Always Out Of Stock?

In the last two years, customers have complained that many products in IKEA are always out of stock.

Most IKEA products are in demand, and unfortunately, the store cannot keep up with them.

Now that most people are forced to stay indoors and work from home, the need for home and office furniture has dramatically increased. 

Because of this demand, IKEA must set up more manufacturing hubs, hire more employees, and increase their distribution, which requires time to establish.

Apart from that, we are experiencing a lumber shortage, which is the primary component of most IKEA products. 

Due to all these factors, it is no surprise that IKEA would run out of stocks. 

How Often Is IKEA’s As-Is Section Restocked?

The As-Is section of most IKEA stores is restocked at least once or twice a week.

However, some shoppers have reported that some stores restock their As-Is section every day. 

The As-Is section is famous for its low-cost furniture at even more affordable prices.

However, some products in this section are discounted because of noticeable wear and tear or missing parts. 

You can call your nearest store and ask if you want to know when exactly they restock this section.

In addition, you can find more information about your local store using the Store Locator Tool found on the IKEA website. 


Unfortunately, IKEA doesn’t disclose much information about when exactly their stores restock.

However, you can take advantage of their website, which offers various tools to help you shop efficiently.

However, if you want to ensure that you get the product you are looking for, especially when you find that it’s currently in stock, you need to visit the IKEA store right exactly when it opens to ensure that you get the product.

For As-Is products, you can call your local store and ask when they restock so you can get the best deals and still find quality products. 

Alternatively, if you can wait for a few days, you can order the product online and have it delivered straight to your door, hassle-free. 

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