When Does Homegoods Restock?

Homegoods stores usually restock their shelves every day.

Most stores receive shipments four times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. However, don’t expect that new stocks will hit the floor right away.

These stores trickle out, so new items appear on a daily basis.

If you’d like to score new items, visiting the store regularly is your best chance. 

When Is The Best Day To Shop At Homegoods?

Most shoppers visit Homegoods on the weekend. However, these aren’t the best days to shop at the store as you will likely have a lot of competition with stocks.

Instead, try visiting Homegoods on a weekday, preferably from Tuesdays through to midday on Fridays.

Unlike weekends where the store is jam-packed, the store on weekdays is quieter and well organized. 

At the same time, employees have more time to fill the shelves with new stocks because there aren’t many people on the floor.

So you have more chances of getting that new duvet you’ve been looking for. Furthermore, don’t try to visit the store on Monday. It

is usually a recovery day from the weekend, so employees don’t usually stock or refill the shelves during this day. 

When Does Homegoods Markdown An Item?

when does homegoods restock

MArkdowns happen every three months on a product.

So if you find something you like but t is too much for your budget, you can wait for three months for Homegoods to mark it down.

However, it might be hard for you to track when precisely the item was placed on the shelves. 

Don’t worry; there’s a trick for you to tell a product’s lifespan by simply looking at the label.

The tags will show you the month and year when it was first introduced.

So, for example, if you see 0321, it means that it has been there since March 2021. 

Can I Ask For A Discount At Homegoods?

Yes, you can ask for a discount at Homegoods, but only if the item is a bit damaged.

For example, Homegoods will give you a 10% discount on slightly damaged pieces, such as a little scratch or ding.

For heavier items, you could get up to 20-28% off, but this will depend on the store manager. 

Tip: You can also ask for a discount on clearance items, especially if you see wear and tear.

Even though the prices have already been reduced, asking the manager for an additional discount won’t hurt.

They are trying to get rid of the inventory anyway, so the deal may help them free the floor space up for new items. 

How To Check Homegoods Inventory?

If you want to check Homegoods inventory before going to the store, you must download the app.

After downloading the app simply pick your local store, and you can see the inventory, such as new arrivals and current stocks.

So instead of going straight to the store, you can just check the app and see if what you need is available in store. 

Alternative Stores

If the item you really want just isn’t being restocked or the second it is restocked it sells out before you can get hold of it then it may be worth trying a store such as Ikea, Amazon, Argos, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Costco or Walmart which may have a more favorable restocking schedule!


Homegoods receive new shipments four times a week, but the employees restock the shelves daily.

So to get the best deals and items, visit the store during weekdays between Tuesdays to Fridays midday to avoid a busy crowd. 

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