When Does Hollister Restock Online?

Hollister Online restocks its online store every one to two weeks.

However, this does not guarantee that an out-of-stock item will be available.

It is important to note that the store restocks items based on their popularity.

So if the item you need is in high demand, you can expect to be back in stock.

But to be sure, frequently check the website to check whether the item you are looking for is available again or not. 

How Often Does Hollister Restock Online?

Girls Wear1 to 2 weeks
Guys Wear1 to 2 weeks
Jeans1 to 2 weeks

Hollister online restocks its products every one to two weeks.

This includes both new arrivals and out-of-stock items.

However, the store can’t guarantee that some out-of-stock items will be available again, as they restock products depending on their popularity. 

when does hollister restock

When Does Hollister Online Restock Jeans?

Hollister hasn’t disclosed any information on when they restock their jeans online.

However, some customers say the online store restocks new sizes after one week, but the store hasn’t confirmed this.

If you are looking for an out-of-stock product, Hollister stated that they couldn’t promise to restock these items, but if it’s a popular one, it has a higher chance of becoming available again. 

Does Hollister Online Restock Clearance Items?

While Hollister online restocks most of its items every one to two weeks, there is no information about its clearance items.

In many retail stores, clearance sales mean that they’re clearing out their remaining stocks, so when these products are gone, they’re gone for good.

This may also be the case with Hollister.

However, to be sure, you can contact their customer service and ask about the restocking schedule for their clearance products.

Alternatively, you can try to message them on their social media accounts as they reply to their customers’ questions. 

What Day Does Hollister Restock Online?

Unfortunately, Hollister online hasn’t shared any information on what day they restock its stocks.

If you are looking for a specific item, frequently visit the site to check if the inventories have been updated.

You can also check the new arrivals page to see what new products they have.

If you’d like to know the exact day when Hollister online restocks, contact its customer service. 

How Can I Refund My Order At Hollister Online?

If you are not happy with your recent purchase at Hollister, you can easily exchange or refund your order.

However, the store only refunds products that are in reliable condition.

To refund an item, you must look up your order on this page.

Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the shipping costs of the return.

Furthermore, for Hollister to process your refund, you must include a copy of your original invoice and send the package within 60 days of the shipping date.

If you are making the return after 60 days, your refund will be processed as store credit.

How Can I Track My Order At Hollister Online?

If you want to track your order, you can visit the Track My Order page.

You just need to put in your order number and email address, and you can see how long it will take you to receive your order or if there are any problems with it. 

If you opt-in for standard delivery, please allow 4 to 9 business days before receiving the package. Some areas can take up to 14 days for delivery. 

Can I Change Or Cancel My Order At Hollister Online?

If you need to modify your order, such as adding another item or changing your address, contact Hollister. You can find their contact number on this page.

If you need to cancel an item or cancel your whole order, go to your Order Details page.

From this page, you have the option to cancel your order and remove an item.

However, you can only cancel while your order is being processed. 

When Is The Best Time To Shop At Hollister Online?

If you want to get the best deals and discounts at Hollister, the best time to shop is right after a season ends.

For example, at the end of summer, you can take advantage of massive discounts on summer apparel.

However, you may need to wait a whole year to wear your new clothes. If that’s okay with you, then shop at the end of the season. 

If you want to save, another perfect time to shop at Hollister is during the holiday season.

During this time, the store usually offers up to 40 to 50% discount off the entire store.

In addition, the store even adds extra discounts on clearance items, allowing you to save more money. 

Lastly, you can also try to shop at the end of the year.

This is the perfect time to stock up more clothes because you’ll get new clothes for half of their price, perfect to create a new wardrobe for the following year. 

How Can I Earn Membership Rewards At Hollister Online?

If you love shopping at Hollister and would like to receive rewards for all your purchases, you should sign up for the Club Cali rewards program.

The program is free and easy to join.

Once you’re a member, you can earn points from all your orders, and you will also receive exclusive deals and gifts, allowing you to enjoy your shopping experience at Hollister. 

Tip: Are you buying something expensive at Hollister? If so, then sign up for Club Cali. When you sign up, you’ll instantly receive $10 off any $40 purchase at Hollister. 

How Do I Sign Up For Club Cali At Hollister?

To enjoy rewards and discounts, you should sign up for Hollister’s Club Cali. Here’s how. 

  1. Visit this page and register. 
  2. Enter your email address and create a password for your membership account. Once done, click continue. 
  3. Next, fill out any remaining required information. This includes your name and phone number. 
  4. Check which brands you want to receive updates from. Then, agree to the terms and conditions. 
  5. Lastly, click on Join Club Cali, and you’re all set!

You can also sign up in-store. Just approach any store associate, and they will assist you with tit. Lastly, if you create an account at HollisterCo.com prior to April 2016, you’re already a Club Cali member. 

Tip: Download the Hollister mobile app, and you’ll receive 1,00 points the first time you sign in. You’ll get a $5 Cali Cash reward every time you hit 12,500 points, so download the app to get your free 1,000 points!

Alternative Stores To Shop

If Hollister does not have the style you’re looking for, you can check out the restocking schedule of  American Eagle, ASOS, Burlington, H&M, Dolls Kill, Fashion Nova, UNIF, Uniqlo, PacSun and Urban Outfitters, and see whether they have the outfit you need. 


Hollister online does not have a restocking schedule, but the store usually restocks every one to two weeks.

However, this restocking does not guarantee that out-of-stock items will be available.

The store restocks items based on popularity, so if a particular item is in high demand, you can expect it to be available again soon.

But if it does not generate many sales, it’s time for you to find similar items. 

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