When Does Hobby Lobby Restock?

Hobby Lobby stores restock their shelves once a week, during the truck day.

Truck day is when a new shipment arrives at the local store.

However, truck days vary per store and location.

The times when shipments arrive are also different per store because Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a universal restocking schedule. 

In some stores, the truck day is usually Friday or Saturday, and it arrives in the morning. If you want to know when exactly the shipments arrive, you can ask a Hobby Lobby employee in your local store. 

How Often Does Hobby Lobby Restock?

Home decorOnce a week
Arts suppliesOnce a week
Crafts and hobbiesOnce a week
Party and bakingOnce a week
This is not a universal schedule, and restocking frequency may vary per store. 

Hobby Lobby restocks its products once a week during truck day.

However, the day and time of restocking may vary per store and location. In some cases, they refill the store’s stocks depending on the demand for the product. 

The restocking schedule may also be affected by holidays or external circumstances.

For example, if the store is busy during holidays, they might restock their shelves more than once. Also, if there’s inclement weather, the shipment may be delayed. 

When Does Hobby Lobby Restock Online?

Unfortunately, there’s no information on when Hobby Lobby restocks its products online.

However, if you are looking for a specific item that is currently available, you can regularly visit the site to check whether it is back in stock.

You can also sign up for its mailing lists, so you will be the first to know about special promotions and store news. 

In some situations, some items you see in your Hobby Lobby store will not be available online. This is because the item may be fragile or difficult to ship.

Also, some seasonal items are one-time purchases, and these products will not be available. If this is your case, ask your local store how you can get this item. 

Why Are Hobby Lobby Stores Closed On Sundays?

Hobby Lobby stores are closed on Sundays because this day is most widely recognized as a day of rest.

This allows the stores’ employees and customers more time to attend to their religious and family affairs. 

According to Hobby Lobby, “this has not been an easy decision for us because we realize that this decision may cost us financially.

Yet, we also realize that there are things more important than profits. This is a matter of principle for our company owner and officers.”

Can I Order Out Of Stock Items At Hobby Lobby?

You can order out-of-stock items depending on your store.

For example, if the store knows that they will be restocking the product soon, you can talk to the manager and reserve the item.

If you wish to order more than their stock, you can talk to the manager and pre-order the incoming supply.

First, however, you need to pay for the products upfront and wait for the new stocks to arrive.

But you won’t be waiting long because Hobby Lobby stores usually restock once a week. 

How Can I Get Discounts At Hobby Lobby?

If you want to get the best deals at Hobby Lobby, you need to watch out for their weekly sales ads. You can usually find this in their fliers located at the front of the store, in various newspapers, on their website and app, and by signing up to their newsletter. 

From these ads, you can find discounts anywhere from 30-50% off on products such as soap-making supplies, scrapbooking, picture frames, party supplies, ribbon, custom framing, lamps, and many more. 

Tip: If you need an item that’s currently not on sale, it will likely be discounted next week. At Hobby Lobby, there’s a two-week rotation on almost every item in every department, so you just have to wait for your item to be on sale. However, some things rarely go on sale, like kids’ crafts and cake decorating products. 

Alternative Stores To Consider

If you can’t find the item you need at Hobby Lobby, don’t worry.

We have listed the restocking schedule of Home Goods, Home Depot, Ikea, Ross, and Tj Maxx.

These stores might have the product you need. 


Hobby Lobby stores usually restock their shelves once a week.

They receive shipments during truck day. However, truck day varies per location and store.

If you want to know the exact restocking schedule of your local store, you can ask their employees. They can give you the exact date.  

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