When Does H&M Restock?

While H&M hasn’t disclosed any information about its restocking schedule, an employee revealed that most stores receive new shipments at 6 am every day.

Most store shifts start three hours before the store opens.

This is to restock the racks and make sure that all new arrivals are back on the floor.

This also means that some out-of-stock items are refilled almost every day.

However, you should always ask your local store to have an accurate schedule. 

when does h&m restock

How Can I Check H&M Inventory Online?

If you want to check the inventory of your H&M local store, you can visit hm.com.

Simply search for the item you wish to buy.

Then, on the product page, click  “Find In-Store,” enter your location, and the website will give you a list of H&M stores near you that have this particular product, along with the available sizes.

Keep in mind that items can sell out quickly, and the stock number is only an estimate.

So, if you really like an item, visit the store right away to purchase it. 

Alternatively, you can use the In-Store mode feature available on the H&M app.

From the app, you can check your local store’s inventory, check the available sizes and colors, and find similar items in stock nearby or store.

All you have to do is download the app, activate In-Store mode, choose the store you want to access, and look for the product you want. 

How Much Are The Shipping Fees Of H&M?

For United States customers, here are H&M shipping fees: 

Shipping OptionFeeDelivery TimeNotes
Standard Shipping$3.993 to 7 business daysFree for orders over $25 for H&M members and over $40 for non-members.
Expedited Shipping$3.993 to 7 business daysFree for orders over $40 (Available for New York and Chicago) 
Express Shipping$14.992 to 3 business daysPlease note, this option may not be available depending on which warehouse fulfills your order. 
Next Day Shipping$24.991 to 2 business daysPlease note, this option may not be available depending on which warehouse fulfills your order. 
Ship To Store$3.993 to 7 business daysFree for orders over $40 (Available only on select stores)
Ship To UPS Access Point$3.993 to 7 business daysFree for orders over $40

H&M offers a wide range of shipping options that can cater to every customer’s needs.

However, keep in mind that the delivery follows business days.

This means that weekends and holidays are not part of the estimated delivery time.

If you need an item right away, it is best to shop in-store to avoid delays. 

Is It Possible To Cancel Or Change My H&M Online Orders?

Unfortunately, once your order is confirmed, H&M won’t be able to make any changes, including the delivery address and option.

However, if you really need to change the information, you can cancel your previous order and place a new one as the store offers a short grace period. 

To do this, sign in to your H&M account, and view your online orders under My Purchases.

If you can still see the Cancel Order button, you may select it and your order will be canceled immediately.

But if the visible is not visible anymore, it is too late to cancel it because the processing has started. 

How Can I Track My H&M Delivery?

As soon as H&M starts packing your delivery order, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your receipt, along with the shipping details and a link on how you can track the parcel. 

Alternatively, you can track your order under Orders when you sign in to your H&M account. However, keep in mind that the tracking information may take some time to be uploaded to your account. 

Alternative Stores To Shop

If you can’t find what you’re looking at, H&M, no need to worry. To find the product you need, you can check the restocking schedule of these stores American Eagle, ASOS, Burlington, UNIF, Uniqlo, and Urban Outfitters


According to previous employees, H&M restocks its racks every day, as they receive new shipments early in the morning.

While this isn’t confirmed by the store, some customers agreed that they usually find out-of-stock items when they shop in the morning.

If you want to check your local store’s inventory before visiting it, you can take advantage of the store’s website and mobile app. 

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