When Does Costco Restock: Best Day + Times To Shop

If you love shopping at Costco, finding out when the store restocks can help you make the most out of your shopping experience. 

Costco doesn’t implement a universal restocking schedule, and each warehouse’s schedule varies depending on the location.

However, most local warehouses typically restock during the night shift and early morning between 4:00 am and until the store opens. During peak season, particularly holidays, Costco stores restock their shelves 24/7. 

What Time Does Costco Restock?

ProductDay RestockedTime Restocked
FruitsDaily10 pm – store opening
VegetablesDaily10 pm – store opening
MeatsDaily10 pm – store opening
Cleaning SuppliesDaily10 pm – store opening
Personal HygieneDaily10 pm – store opening
AlcoholDaily10 pm – store opening
OthersDaily10 pm – store opening
Larger ProductsDaily4 am – store opening
These times may vary depending on the store, the time the night shift starts, and when the specific store opens. 

Costco usually starts restocking their shelves during the night shift, which usually begins at 10 pm and around early morning 4 am and can continue until the store opens.

Costco receives new shipments every day, but this does not guarantee local warehouses will restock high-demand products. 

The Costco logistics team starts unpacking and restocking larger items at 4 am.

They also start to clean up different departments, face out new merchandise, dispose of any cardboard or packing materials around this time.

All restocking items are present in the warehouse but are stored in pallets, and major restocking does not happen within the day for safety reasons. 

However, Costco employees continue stocking food, smaller items, and other essential products throughout the day, after the initial stocking in the morning.

The 24-hour stocking only happens during major holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Since they restock during night time to early morning, planning a shopping trip as soon as the store opens can help you secure hard-to-find items, but keep in mind that this does not guarantee the availability of a product.

If you don’t know what time your local Costco opens, visit this warehouse locator to find out. 

Tip: When you see a barcode next to a Costco price tag, this means that the store will no longer restock the item. If you love the product and find out that your local store won’t e going to supply it anymore, be sure to get as many as you can, as long as the product isn’t subject to Costco’s purchase limit. 

How Long Does It Take for Costco to Restock Online?

Like Costco warehouses, its online store restocks its products daily, depending on when trucks show up and how quickly pallets are put away. Costco’s online updates its inventory in real-time.

So if you can’t find the item you’re looking for on their website, the item is most likely out of stock.

However, since stock updates happen in real-time, any out-of-stock items that are restocked will appear on the website instantly. 

If you are looking for high-demand products, you can regularly check the website’s online inventory for updates.

According to Costco employees, the best times to check the website for new stocks are around 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m.

How to Check Costco Inventory

If you would like to check the inventory of your local Costco warehouse, you can visit its membership counter or call the warehouse.

If you’re looking for a specific product, you can call in advance to ensure that the product is available instead of visiting the store. 

Here’s a quick rundown on how you can inquire about inventory at your local store: 

  1. Go to Warehouse Locator, search for your local store, and look for its phone number on the website. 
  2. Call the number and dial 0 to talk to a team member. 
  3. You can ask the team member for the availability of the specific item you need. You can also check Costco Inventory, and you can speed up this process by having the inventory number or product description on hand. 

Costco online and warehouses have different inventories.

So if you find a product online, it doesn’t mean that it will be available at your local store. 

At the same time, prices also differ for most items because of shipping and handling fees for online orders. 

Tip: If the product you are looking for is available at the online store, you can purchase it there and have it shipped at your local Costco warehouse for in-store pickup.

You can check whether the product is available for in-store pickup. If it’s not, you can just have it delivered straight to your home. 

How to Get Costco In-Stock Alerts

The Costco website does not offer in-stock alerts, but you can use a third-party website called PriceCase to get notifications.

PriceCase is a free price tracker that monitors various online stores and sends notifications when products are restocked or any price changes. 

Signing up for in-stock alerts on PriceCase is easy; you just need to enter the product URL you want notifications for.

However, since Costco updates its stocks in real-time, it is best to act immediately when you receive the PiceCase notification and purchase it right away. 

As mentioned, Costco’s online and in-store inventory varies, so the notification you get from PriceCase is only for Costco online’s inventory and does not reflect in-store. 

When Is The Best Time And Day To Shop At Costco?

If you’re planning to shop at Costco after the store restocks, the best day and time to shop is Monday morning, right when the local store opens.

This allows you to beat the weekend rush while allowing you to shop conveniently with a lot of choices, as the products were recently restocked during the night shift. 

As Costco restocks at night to early morning, most people plan their shopping trip in the Morning.

However, some will plan their trip a little late, causing them to be there during lunchtime, when most shoppers go.

Costco warehouses usually see an increase in shoppers during the lunch hour, so it’s best to get out of the store before the lunch rush starts. 

Alternatively, if you don’t like shopping in crowded aisles and waiting in long checkout lines, the best day to shop is between Tuesday and Thursday.

If you want to beat the lunch and dinner rush, come to the store between 3 pm to 5 pm. 


Costco has some of the best deals you can find, with various products to choose from. Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to get notifications if products have been restocked in your local store.

However, you can always call the store, especially if you are looking for a specific product and don’t want to waste a lot of time. 

You can also take advantage of the online store, and pick up the items you need at the Costco warehouse near you.

If Costco doesn’t have what you’re looking for in stock you made find that other stores such as Dollar General, Publix, Home Depot, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Best Buy, TJ Maxx, Whole Foods, Homegoods and Aldi may be good places to look.

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