When Does Argos Restock?

Argos does not have any restocking schedule posted online, and its Contact Centre doesn’t have any information about that either.

But the store is trying to provide all essential items in-store and their online site, so if you happen to find the item you need out of stock, just check back on the site or enter your location to see if any stores near you carry the product you need. 

How Do I Check Argos Online Inventory?

If you want to check the inventory of a specific item on Argos Website, just search for the item on the site, click it and type in your postcode in the box. After doing so, the website will let you know if the product is in stock and if it is available for home delivery or collection from our nearest store. 

If the product is currently not available for home delivery, Argos will let you know how it could get delivered to you. For example, it will show you the nearest store and whether it has the product in stock or how quickly they can provide it to that store. Also, some products are only available for delivery, and the website will advise you if you add them to your trolley.

Below are the icons that will help you identify if the item you’re looking for is in stock near you: 


The item you’re looking for is currently available in your selected stores. You can reserve the item or pay online and collect it. Remember, by paying for the item online, Argos will keep it in-store for seven days. 

The item is currently available in the store you selected. However, Argos can move it into that store, so you can buy, reserve, or collect it that day. 
The item is currently in your selected store, but it can be delivered there. Argos will let you know the earliest date it will be available in-store for you to buy or pick up. 
The item is currently out of stock in that store. However, you can try another store or check if Argos can deliver it to you. 

Tip: If you stay logged in at the website, it will remember the last store you previously entered, so when you log back in, you don’t need to put in the store address. 

How To Check Argos Inventory In-Store?

If you want to check if the product you’re looking for is available at your local Argos store, you can do so even without going through every aisle of the store. Instead, there are several ways for you to check it. 

  • Touchscreen tablet: Find the item by typing in a keyword, entering a product number, or checking the relevant category. From here, you can see if the item is in stock at your chosen store, other nearby stores, or you can opt for home delivery. 
  • Touchscreen stock checker: Like the tablet, all you need to do is enter a keyword, type the product number or browse through the relevant category. Then, you will see how many are currently in stock. If it is currently sold out at the store, Argos can order it for you, and it will show how long it will take for you to get the product.
  • Basic checker: If the local Argos store near you has this, you just need to enter the relevant catalog number. Then, it will tell you how many of those items are currently in stock in that store. 
  • Kiosk: If your store features one of these, you just enter the relevant catalog number when asked, and you will be able to check the inventory. 

How Can I Exchange An Item At Argos If It’s Currently Out Of Stock?

If you need to exchange a product that is currently out of stock, Argos will be more than happy to replace it with another product that you’d like. If you can’t find a replacement, the store will refund you or give you a gift card with the same value as the original, damaged item. 

Alternative Stores To Shop

Do you love online shopping? If so, check out these shops’ restocking schedules: Walmart, Amazon, Homegoods, Ikea or Walgreens. These stores may have something you’re looking for that Argos doesn’t. 


While Argos hasn’t shared when its restockings schedule is, the store offers many ways for customers to check its inventory. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of the online shop and see if the items you need can be delivered straight to you. 

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