The Walmart Slogan: History, Meaning & More

The current Walmart slogan is “Save Money. Live Better.” This new slogan was released in 2007 following an update to its branding and had been using it since. 

The slogan highlights and focuses on Walmart’s core value offering to customers that they can improve their lifestyle through Walmart’s low prices.

Save Money. Live Better.

It also provides its customers with benefits they will get from shopping at Walmart. 

History Of Walmart’s Slogan

The first slogan used by Walmart was “Always the low price. Always” before the company decided to rebrand and release a new slogan. 

While many reports said that it is the company’s first time to change its tagline in 19 years, it isn’t entirely true.

In 1994, Walmart was forced to change its slogan, which was “Always the low price. Always”, when the National Advertising Review Board found it deceptive.

According to the board, it was responding to an appeal raised by local Better Business Bureaus and several competitions of the retail giant such as Target stores (at that time a division of the Dayton Hudson Corporation) and Meijer Inc.

The complaint stated that the slogan was inaccurate and implied that Walmart’s prices were the lowest prices on every item they sell, each and every place and each and every time.

The Board agreed that it could mislead shoppers, which forced Walmart to change its slogan from  “Always the low price. Always” to “Always Low Prices. Always.”

However, in 2007, the company decided to release a new slogan that better describes Walmart’s history.

This slogan is what the company has used until now, “Save money. Live better,” which emphasizes Walmart’s low-cost products that can help improve the lifestyle of their customers. 

Walmart came up with this idea to showcase how the company helps customers and communities to save money through its low-priced products, which founder, Sam Walton, used to attract more customers. 

The highlight of the slogan “low prices” has been proven true since Walmart’s pricing is estimated to save customers around $2500 a year per household (up 7.3% from $2,329 in 2004).

Furthermore, another research stated that the reduction in price levels by Walmart has resulted in more savings for consumers amounting to $287 billion in 2006, equivalent to $957 per person and $2,500 per household.

This is why Walmart has chosen to advertise its prime competitive advantage of low prices through its slogan, where people can easily see whether on its website or store. 

Lastly, the “live better” part of the slogan implies the community work that company participates in, like its Walmart Foundation. It also shows that saving money on low prices can improve its customer’s lifestyle. 

When & Why Did The Walmart Slogan Change?

Walmart’s original slogan was “Always the low price. Always,’ which indicates its low priced deals and offers in-store.

However, the first slogan change was in 1994, when the National Advertising Review Board found its original slogan, “Always the low price. Always”, misleading. 

The complaint was filed by the local Better Business Bureaus and its competitors, who described the slogan as implying that Walmart prices are the lowest every time, whichever part of the country they are. 

This forced the retail giant to change its slogan to “Always Low Prices. Always,” which was used until 2007 when the company decided to rebrand and change its slogan to “Save More. Live Better.”

This current slogan highlights the features Walmart provides and benefits the customers. 

What is the Walmart Chant?

Give Me a W!

Give Me an A!

Give Me an L!

Give Me a Squiggly!

(Here, everybody sort of does the twist.)

Give Me an M!

Give Me an A!

Give Me an R!

Give Me a T!

What’s that spell?


What’s that spell?


Who’s number one?


While the Walmart chant isn’t part of its slogan, you often hear it when the store opens in the morning. It is a part of the employees’ training and motivation.

Basically, it’s one employee leading the chant and the rest answering back to them. 

Back when Walmart was spelled with a hyphen, employees would often wiggle when the hyphen was called as part of the chant. 

Has The Walmart Logo Also Changed?

Yes, like the Walmart slogan, the Walmart logo has changed over the years. The first Walmart logo was introduced in 1964 using the frontier font. This logo was used for 20 years. 

This initial logo used the slogans of “we sell for less” and “satisfaction guaranteed” to advertise the low prices the retail giant offers to its customers.

The original log was modernized in 1981 when Walmart changed its font and color and dropped the slogans in it. It was then replaced with a new one in 1992 to replace the hyphen with a star in dark blue, which you can still see in many storefronts. 

Finally, in 2008, Walmart changed the logo to the one we knew today, which is a light blue with a spark and is often partnered with its current slogan Save Money. Live Better underneath it.


Walmart’s slogan is so much more than just a tagline you see underneath its log. It has a lot of history and meaning that represents the mission and vision of the company. 

The latest Walmart slogan of “Save Money. Live Better” was changed in 2007 to represent the features and benefits it provides to its customers. 

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