Walmart Returns Without A Receipt

At Walmart, you can return most items without a receipt within the allowable time frame.

However, you need to provide a valid ID and sometimes the original packaging to get a refund.

Also, for purchases under $10, you can get a cash refund, while items over $10 will only be refunded as store credit. 

Read on to find out which items you can return without a receipt. 

Walmart’s Return Policy Without A Receipt

It is possible to return some items to Walmart without a receipt.

All you need to do is show your government-issued ID.

However, the ID must match the information the store has in their database for them to accept the receipt. Otherwise, your request will be denied. 

You have four options to choose from on how you want to go about your return. First, you can exchange it for another item.

walmart returns without a receipt

Second, you can also get a cash refund if the returned item is less than $10.

Third, you can also be issued a Walmart shopping card or gift card if the returned item equals or more than $10.

Lastly, if it’s available, they can send the item back to the manufacturer for repair. 

Some items are only allowed to be returned within a particular period. So before you head on to the store or initiate a return online, make sure that the product you are returning is within its allowable return period. 

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How To Return An Item To Walmart Without A receipt?

If you are planning to return a product to Walmart without a receipt, you need to make sure that you have a government-issued ID with you apart from the item.

Once you have those items with you, you can now visit the nearest Walmart store.

Here’s what you can expect during the process: 

  • Once you request a return, the Walmart employee will scan the barcode to check the item in their database. 
  • After they confirm the item, they will ask for your government-issued ID. This is part of the verification process. The process determines whether the item is available for return and if you are authorized to return it. 

As the process of returning an item without a receipt takes longer than if you have a receipt we recommend you return your item during off-peak hours between 7am-11am.

The process will be shorter if you have the original packaging with you.

However, if you don’t have it, it may take longer than usual since the employee will look up your purchase using the card number on which the purchase was made. 

Important reminder: Your return may not be accepted if the database tags you as someone who frequently returns an item without a receipt. It may also be rejected if it is not within the allowable time frame. 

How To Return Electronics To Walmart Without A Receipt

Unlike most items from Walmart that can be returned within 90 days of purchase, electronics have a shorter return window.

Therefore, if you’re planning to return an electronic you just bought, such as prepaid and postpaid cell phones, you need to return it within the 14 days window.

Otherwise, your return will not be acknowledged. 

Most electronic devices such as Verizon contract cell phones, drones, digital music players, tablets, laptops, portable video players, electric scooters, digital cameras, etc., have a 30-day return. 

Keep in mind that when returning electronics, they must be in their original condition, or else the store would not accept your return. 

How To Request a No Receipt Return From Your Walmart Account

If you want to return a product you purchased from your Walmart account, all you need to do is print a label from your account.

It will be sent to your email, or you can access it from your Purchase History.

Here’s how: 

  1. Log in to your Walmart account.
  2. Click on your profile widget found on the top-right corner of the screen. 
  3. From your account, select Purchase History. 
  4. Look for the order with the item you wish to return. 
  5. Click Order Details. Then, select Start a Return
  6. From this page, place a checkmark on the item/s you want to return and select Continue
  7. Next, choose the reason for your return and click Next
  8. Here, you can choose if you would like to get a refund for a replacement for the item. Once done, click Next
  9. Then, add any comments about your return if it’s applicable and click Save
  10. If you need to return more than one item, repeat steps 6 to 9 again. If not, choose Continue
  11. Choose how you would like to return the item. You have four different choices, which we will cover below. After choosing, click Continue
  12. Lastly, review your return. If all the information is correct, click Submit.

When returning an item online, Walmart will give you four methods to choose from. Here are them: 

  • Schedule for pickup: You can pick a time and place for FedEx to pick up the item you’ll return. You just need to print the label provided. 
  • Return at Walmart store: All you need to do is print the barcode provided on the screen or bring the return email with you when returning to your local Walmart store. 
  • Return by Mail: Print the provided return label and attach it to your package. Drop your package at the nearest USPS or FedEx. 
  • Drop off at FedEx location: Same as return by mail, but you can only drop it off at FedEx locations. 

Items That Can’t Be Returned To Walmart With Or Without A Receipt

Even with a receipt, Walmart will not accept returns of the following items

  • Airsoft, air, and BB guns
  • Branded gift cards
  • Check/card cashing fees
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Gas-powered vehicles
  • Gift cards
  • Hygienic medical equipment
  • Lottery
  • Pepper spray
  • Pregnancy and ovulation tests or other types of home diagnostic testing kits
  • Prepaid cell phone cards
  • Prepaid gaming cards
  • Prescription medications and devices
  • Reloadable credit/debit cards
  • Sex toys
  • SIM cards
  • Trading cards
  • Used or installed tires and snow tires
  • Used or open RV sewer lines
  • Video game download cards
  • Videos on demand
  • Walmart express bill pay

Are There Any Items That You Do Need A Receipt To Return?

Yes, some products require receipts for them to be returned. Here are them: 

  • Bakery
  • Car batteries
  • Deli
  • Flowers
  • Frozen items
  • Home and garden equipment
  • Meat
  • Produce

Will Walmart Refund My Money On Returned Items?

Yes, Walmart will refund your money, if applicable, on returned items.

If you used a debit or credit card for your purchase, your refund would be issued to that same card and available to you in up to 10 business days.

However, you need to have the original card you used during the refund process.

Otherwise, your refund will be processed onto a Walmart shopping card or gift card. 

If the purchase were a debit transaction, the refund would be returned on the debit card you used, or if available, cash can be provided. 

Keep in mind that not all items are available for refund, and some are exchange-only items. Below are the items that can only be exchanged once opened: 

  • Air mattresses
  • Cellphones
  • Medical equipment

These items can only be exchanged since they require special sanitation procedures to get them back on the sales floor.

This ensures that customers will keep them once bought. However, if it’s still unopened and in its original packaging,

Walmart employees may be able to find a workaround.  


While you can sometimes return without a receipt, it is best to keep them after every purchase you make at Walmart.

This ensures that the returning process is easier, and you’ll get a direct refund every time.

But if you can’t find your receipt and need to return an item, make sure to read the policy thoroughly so you won’t waste your time going back to the store. 

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