How To Quit Walmart: 3 Simple Ways To Resign From Your Job

To Quit your job at Walmart you simply need to speak to your manager and tell them that you intend to leave, if you’d rather not speak to your direct manager then the Assistant Store Manager is also a good option.

Walmart requires a two-week notice period, so make sure you speak to your manager at least two weeks before you plan on leaving.

Failure to give notice will reflect badly on you as it will cause scheduling problems for the store, this could mean that they may refuse to give a reference (or even give a bad reference) should you need one for a future job.

Failing to give notice also makes it unlikely that they would consider rehiring you in the future.

How To Quit Your Job At Walmart With A Letter

Another way to quit is to give your manager a written resignation letter.

It doesn’t need to be long it just needs to state that you will be leaving and the day you expect your final day to be on.

To write your resignation letter use our simple template below:

Dear (line manager),

This letter serves as notice of my resignation, I am happy to serve two weeks’ notice so my last day will be on (the date two weeks from the day you give them the letter).

Thank you for the opportunity,

Sincerely (your full name)

How To Quit Your Job At Walmart Over The Phone

To Quit your job at Walmart over the phone you need to phone the store and ask to speak to either:

  1. Your direct manager.
  2. The Assistant Store Manager.
  3. The HR Department.

Your direct manager or the assistant store manager are the best people to speak to however they may both be busy on the shop floor when you make your call, so if you confirm your intention to leave with HR they can ensure that this information is passed on to your manager.

Simply inform them that you intend to leave, thank them for the opportunity and let them know you are willing to serve your two weeks notice.

How To Get Your W2 Form From Walmart After You’ve Left

W2 forms legally have to be made available by the 31st of January every year.

Walmart will typically mail them out on the 1st of February.

To make sure you get your W2 form, call the Walmart store where you used to work and check if they have the correct address on file for you.

If you don’t receive your W2 form within a couple of weeks of the 1st of February call them, some stores keep copies in store for employees to pick up from the customer service counter.

If Walmart didn’t have the correct address on file for you and your W2 has already been sent out then you can find your W2 form online by following these steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Input the Walmart employee code: 10108.
  3. Follow the guidance to confirm your identity.
  4. You will then be able to view your W2.
  5. You can also pay a fee to view your W2 forms from previous years if needed.

How To Get Your Final Paystub From Walmart

Walmart will usually mail your final paystub to you.

If they don’t do that then you should be able to go into the store and pick up your paystub from the customer service counter.

If they do not have it at the customer service desk then phone the store and ask to speak to the human resources department and they will be able to arrange to get it sent out to you.

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