How To Print Your Own Postage Stamps

If you don’t feel like going down to the post office for stamps or you’re part of a business that sends lots of mail, being able to print postage stamps right from your home or office can be very helpful.

Fortunately, several online websites offer printing postage services under the approval of the USPS (United States Postal Service). 

Such services allow you to custom design stamps while saving you valuable time and effort that would be spent on trips otherwise. This way, you get to mail letters, invoices, utility bills, and so on without delays. 

If you’re wondering how to print your own postage stamps, then keep reading as we walk you through a couple of methods you can use to do just that.

How to Print Your Own Postage Stamps Using is one of the most reliable sites you can use to print your own stamps.

Their NetStamps system lets you print single stamp postage on sheets or rolls via simple steps.

Here’s how:

  1. Log onto the website and create an account – this will take only a few minutes. First, type in your contact info and create a username. Then, provide a credit card to pay the monthly subscription charge and pay for any USPS postage purchases. Once your account is verified, you can proceed. 
  2. Choose the ‘Mail’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Stamps’ from the ‘Print On’ drop-down menu.
  4. Locate the serial number on your NetStamps sheet. You should find it in the upper right corner of the sheet. Every NetStamp sheet has a serial number that identifies the style and format of your NetStamps so the Stamps software can set it
  5. Type in the serial number of your NetStamps label sheet.
  6. Choose whether to let calculate the postage model or specify the postage amount for each NetStamp yourself.
  7. If you want international postage, select the country you’re mailing to using the drop-down menu.
  8. Weight your envelope and enter the value. automatically inputs the weight at 1 ounce, which is approximately the weight of a 5-page letter.
  9. Choose the USPS service you want to use (postcard, letter, envelope, etc) from the ‘Service’ drop-down menu.
  10. Select how many NetStamps you’d like to print or check the ‘Print All’ box to print a whole sheet.
  11. Type in a reference number and/or select a ‘Cost Code’ to keep track of your postage expenses.
  12. Load the blank NetStamps sheet in your printer. NetStamps sheets are symmetrical and you can load them from either end but you must indicate which side of the paper (the top or the bottom) you want the printer to print on. Printers usually display icons to tell you which side of the paper is printed on. 
  13. Once you’re done setting up your printer, load your NetStamos sheet into the printer then click ‘Print Postage’.

How to Print Your Own Postage Stamps Using SendPro Online

sendpro online

Printing postage stamps via SendPro Online is quite an easy task to complete.

You have the option to print 25 stamps per sheet on your inkjet or laser printer, or print on rolls using a special printer available at Pitney Bowes centers.

Here’s how to print your own stamps: 

  1. Log onto the SendPro Online website or desktop app.
  2. Locate and enter the serial number on your stamp sheet.
  3. Select the number of stamps you’d like to print.
  4. Complete the forum to add information and extra services such as the postage class and certified mail. 
  5. Once you’re done selecting your options, just click ‘Print’ and you’re all set.

Note: these stamps are not Forever Stamps. So, when the Postal Service changes its rates, you’ll need to print postage correction stamps to use with any old stamps you’ve printed before the changes were implemented. This process is just as simple as printing regular stamps. 

Why Should You Print Your Own Postage Stamps?

There are several advantages when it comes to printing your own postage stamps, and even though everyone has specific needs, most postal customers agree that printing their own stamps online easily beats buying stamps in person. 

Still not sure? Here are some reasons why you should start printing your own postage stamps:

  • It’s convenient – when you need a stamp on the spot, being able to print your own can be a blessing. You’ll only need a blank stamp sheet, a home or an office printer, and access to an online postage printing service. 

Compared to raiding drawers for forgotten stamps, waiting for delivery, or going down to the post office yourself, printing your own stamps is way easier and faster.

  • It saves money – whether it’s actual money or money in the form of time, you’ll be saving a lot of both when you print stamps online. Consider how much per hour a person going to the post office makes. Now let’s say they make $20 an hour and spend 5 hours each month taking trips to the post office. If they do it at home or the office, they can save lots of money.
  • It’s less wasteful – with printing your own stamps online. You’ll just print what you need and won’t have to worry about remembering where you kept those extra stamps.
  • It’s customizable – you can design your own postage stamp for a personalized effect.

Wrap Up

There you have it, a step by step guide on how to print your own postage stamps.

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