How To Delete Your Walmart Account: The Fast Way

Unfortunately, there is no button your can click to immediately delete your Walmart account, however it is possible to delete your account if you get in touch with the right department.

This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes…

  1. Head to and login.
walmart login page

2. Select ‘Account’ in the top right.

walmart account icon top right

3. Select ‘Help’ in the pop-out menu.

walmart help pop out menu

4. Under the Help Topics menu on the left of the page select ‘Walmart+’


5. Click “Contact Us”

contact walmart

6. The Chat menu will then pop up and ask “what can I help you with today”, select “something else”.

walmart chat bot

7. They will then ask you to either choose a common issue or explain your problem in your own words, type; “I want to delete my Walmart account”.

8. They will then ask “how would you like us to contact you?” and give you 3 options; Chat, Email or Call. Choose Chat as this is the quickest and easiest method.

chat bot 2

9. They will connect you with a member of staff who will ask the reason why you wish to delete your account, tell them “I don’t use it”.

9. They will then immediately delete your account – job done!

10. You should receive a confirmation email at the email address your Walmart account was associated with.

walmart account deletion confirmation email

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