How Much Is An Oil Change At Walmart?

Walmart’s auto centers are a convenient place to get your oil changed while you do your shop.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost, read on..

Walmart Oil Change Prices & Services

A standard oil change at Walmart costs $29.88 and includes a new oil filter, chassis lubrication, battery check and washer fluid check.

The cheapest oil change service offered by Walmart is the pit crew oil change which costs $19.88.

The power and performance oil change ($49.88) and high mileage oil change ($39.88) cost more due to the type of oil used.

Type Of Oil ChangeCostServices IncludedBest ForHow Long Will It Take?
Standard Oil Change$29.885 quarts of oil, a new oil filter, and a free chassis lubrication service and battery check and washer fluid check.Standard vehiclesUp to 25 minutes
Pit Crew Oil Change$19.885 quarts of ‘advanced durability’ oil, a new oil filter, and a free chassis lubrication service and battery check.Anyone who wants to reduce the number of times you need to change your oil.Up to 15 minutes
Power & Performance Oil Change$49.885 quarts of synthetic oil, a new oil filter & a free chassis lubrication service.Sports cars & Luxury Vehicles.Up to 30 minutes
High Mileage Oil Change Price$39.885 quarts of semi-synthetic or high mileage oil, a new oil filter, free chassis lubrication service.High mileage vehicles (over 75,000 miles).Up to 30 minutes

Walmart Pit Crew Oil Change vs Standard

The only difference between the pit crew oil change and the standard oil change is the type of oil used.

The Pit Crew Oil Change uses Quaker State Oil whereas the standard oil change uses the slightly more expensive Pennzoil.

Pennzoil (standard) is said to be slightly better at cleaning your vehicle and is slightly better quality hence the higher price.

However many people who have used both oils notice no difference in performance so if you want to save yourself $10 go for the Quaker State Oil Pit, Crew change.

Both oils are good quality oils that will serve your vehicle well.

How Long Does A Walmart Oil Change Take?

As noted in our table above an oil change typically takes up to 30 minutes when you add in all the extras such as changing the oil filter, checking the battery and washer fluids etc.

Be aware that the length of time it takes will depend on how busy the Walmart Auto Care Center is.

If it is very quiet it may take no more than 10 minutes.

If it is very busy it could take longer than 30 minutes.

What Type of Oil Does Walmart Use?

The type of oil Walmart use depends on the store you go to and the oil change service you use. Different Walmart stores may use different varieties.

Typically the standard oil change will use Pennzoil, Pit Crew Oil Change will use Quaker State Oil or Walmart’s own brand Super Tech Oil.

For the high mileage service, Walmart will use either Pennzoil 5W30 High Mileage Vehicle Motor Oil or their own brand Super Tech High Mileage SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil

For the Power & Performance Oil Change Walmart often uses fully synthetic Castrol oil or Valvoline.

What Type Of Filters Does Walmart Use?

The type of oil filter that Walmart uses depends on your vehicle as they are not all universal fits.

Usually, they will use either a Fram, Delco or their own brand SuperTech oil filter depending on your vehicle.

When Are Walmart’s Auto Care Centers Open?

Typically Walmart Auto Care Centers are all open Monday to Sunday from 7am – 7pm.

Be aware hours may vary from store to store and will change on public holidays so double check before you go.

Does Walmart Do Oil Changes On Sunday?

Yes, Walmart Auto Care Centers are open on Sunday from 7am – 7pm.

All usual services including oil changes are available on Sundays.

What If Walmart Puts The Wrong Oil In Your Car?

Walmart’s Auto Care Center staff rarely make mistakes.

However accidents do happen.

In extreme cases the wrong oil can cause irreparable engine damage.

It is Walmart’s responsibility to ensure that they are putting the correct oil in for your engine.

Failing to do this means they are liable for damages.

If this happens to you speak to Walmart so they are aware of the mistake then contact your insurance company and explain what has happened.

You should be able to get an insurance payout equal to a fair market value price for your car.

Do All Walmarts Have Auto Care Centers?

No, not all Walmarts have Auto Care Centers.

Roughly 24% of Walmart’s have an Auto Care Center.

To find out the nearest Walmart to which does have one follow these steps:

  1. Head to Walmart’s Store Finder
  2. Type in your postcode
  3. Click on the Walmart icon nearest your location
  4. Check the pop-up box to see if it mentions an ‘Auto Care Center’

What Services Do Walmart’s Auto Care Centers Offer?

Apart from wheel alignment, Walmart Auto Care Centers offer a wide range of competitively priced services, including free TPMS relearn and 50-mile re-torque services.

Other auto services include: 

  • Wheel mounting
  • Wheel alignment
  • Flat tire repair (tubeless)
  • Oil changes
  • General maintenance services
  • Road hazard warranty
  • Valve system installation
  • Lifetime balance and rotation
  • Lugnut replacement

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