How Many Stamps in a Book of Stamps?

Stamp books universally contain 20 stamps. 

What is a Stamp Book?

A book of stamps allows people to use single stamps while saving others for future use.

A stamps book consists of several pages of postage stamps, separated by sheets of oiled paper. They often come wrapped inside thin cardboard covers.

Stamp books are available for all kinds of stamps, including Forever Stamps, and other first-class postage stamps.

Stamp Book Prices

A book of stamps’ price relies on the individual type of stamp within. For example, in 2020, a Forever Stamp costs $0.55. 

There are 20 stamps in a stamp book. The total fee is the individual stamp’s cost, multiplied by the number of stamps in the book. In this case, the result would be $11.

Sometimes, the place from which you buy stamp books may affect the price. Websites like Amazon and eBay may occasionally offer discounts.

If you’re looking for a certain stamp type, you can always look at the USPS official website. They have all kinds of stamps under categories of themes, shapes, colors, and more. The stamps are available for purchase at their current rate.

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Wrap Up

Postage stamps can be sold individually in sheets, coils, or booklets however they are rarely sold individually.

A booklet or book of stamps is compact and convenient.

It contains a good amount of stamps to use, stores the stamps safely, and offers a clean way to remove one without damaging or affecting other stamps on the same page.

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