Does Weis Sell Stamps?

Yes, Weis sells a wide selection of postage stamps.

You can find them at cashiers or the Customer Service desks.

Buying Postage Stamps from Weis

Weis is a full-blown one-stop-shop. Besides selling groceries and fresh produce, it has a pharmacy, deli, bakery, a floral shop, and much more. They also sell stamps at their customer service desks and cashiers.

One of the best reasons to buy your stamps at Weis Markets is that they offer a variety of postage stamps. They also sell holiday, commemorative, military, and Forever stamps.

Other large one-stop stores aren’t as well-stocked and don’t provide such a wide range of stamps. This sort of defeats the whole purpose of being a large-scale shop.

The downside to getting your stamps from Weis? They’re only available as booklets of 20 stamps each. This can be inconvenient if you only need a couple of stamps. But, on the bright side, you can never have too many stamps, right?

The Price

US postage stamps have a standard price regardless of where they’re sold. However, you may find that the prices are slightly higher at Weis Markets than at the post office. But the difference isn’t that large. It’s actually a small price to pay for convenience.

It’s also important to mention that Weis doesn’t offer any discounts on postage stamps. 

Read our article here to find out how many stamps you need.

With the Weis Rewards Points system, you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. Unfortunately, postage stamps aren’t eligible for this reward system.

Check Availability

Even though Weis Markets advertises that they sell postage stamps, they may not be readily available in all branches.

To check their availability before heading to the store, you can call their customer service.

Find the Nearest Weis Market

If you’re looking to buy stamps from Weis Markets but aren’t sure where the nearest branch is, you can use the Weis Markets store locator.

A Bit More About Weis

Back in 1912, the two brothers, Harry and Sigmund Weis, founded Weis Markets in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. They initially called it ‘Weis Pure Foods’.

Weis Markets now has chains in more than five states, including New York, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland. It’s considered to be one of the earliest and most profitable supermarket stores on the eastern US border.

Today, Harry’s grandson, Jonathan, runs the company.

A Final Note

In our hectic, busy lives, it’s becoming more and more important for stores to offer as many items as they can under one roof.

Weis Markets is one of those places. Anything you need, you’ll find it at Weis. Remember that the next time you ask yourself, “does Weis sell stamps?”

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