Does Walmart Sell Fire Sticks?

Also known as Amazon Fire Sticks, these compact devices connect to the HDMI port of your TV for multiple streaming options.

These handy devices allow you to view Hulu, Netflix, and a range of other options.

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Despite once offering the purchase of these items both online and in-store, Walmart does not stock or sell Amazon Fire Sticks as of 2022.

Walmart also does not sell Amazon Fire TVs either.

Why Walmart Doesn’t Sell Fire Sticks

You may be wondering why such a popular store made the choice to not sell such a popular product.

Well, the reason is simple.

Walmart stopped selling the Amazon Fire Sticks as well as the Amazon Fire TVs back in 2017.

Although there was no formal statement or press release from Walmart, it is suggested that Walmart opted out of the market of these items because of the increase of the competition between them and Amazon.

Interestingly, because of this competitive rivalry between the stores, Walmart has also stopped stocking and selling Amazon Gift Cards as well as Kindle Readers.

Whilst Walmart does not sell Amazon Fire Stick exactly, they do stock a range of other types of streaming devices.

It is also rumored that Walmart is in the process of developing its own brand of streaming service to rival that of Amazon.

Does Walmart Sell Fire Stick Remotes?

Walmart has stopped stocking and selling all items related to Amazon due to the competition of the company.

This not only includes Amazon Fire Sticks and Amazon Fire TVs, but it also extends to Amazon Gift Cards as well as Kindle Readers.

Despite this, Walmart does keep stock and sell remotes that can be used with Amazon Fire Sticks.

does walmart sell fire sticks

Aside from this, Walmart also stocks accessory products for your Amazon Fire Stick such as silicone case covers and even silicone covers for Amazon Fire Stick remotes!

The reason these items are still stocked and sold is that they are not Amazon branded.

The remote is not an Amazon-made product, but rather a universal type remote.

When purchasing a replacement remote for your Amazon Fire Stick, it is important that you check the compatibility.

Not all of the Fire Stick remotes sold by Walmart are compatible with all generations of the device.

Does Walmart Sell Chromecast?

Even though Walmart has stopped stocking and selling Amazon products, that does not mean they do not sell other forms or brands of this device.

Walmart not only sells Chromecast, but they also sell several generation models of it.

At Walmart, you are likely to find multiple Chromecast generation models available for purchase.

This is obviously dependent on your store’s stock.

Chromecast products sold by Walmart include the 3rd Gen model, the Chromecast with Google TV model, and even the full Google Smart TV kit which includes Chromecast as well as Google Home Mini.

For a better idea of what your local Walmart Chromecast options are, it is best that you pop into your closest store.

You could even check out Walmart’s online store for an idea of the options they have available.

Does Walmart Sell Roku Streaming Devices?

Much like the Chromecast products, Walmart does stock and sell a range of different Roku streaming devices.

There are several models available with varying price points.

The most basic Roku device available is the Roku Express. Next up is the Roku Streaming Stick, followed by the Roku Ultra.

There is even a Roku Ultra 2020 model available.

Again, for a better idea of what options are available to you, you should stop by your local Walmart or pull up the product list on the online store.

Products are always being created and updated, so to keep in the loop with the newest and best devices, stop by and ask some questions with Walmart’s tech-related staff members.


Despite not selling Amazon products anymore, Walmart has a range of other streaming devices available for purchase.

Not only are there a number of other options available, but there is also the possibility of Walmart offering its own streaming service in the future.

Plus, Walmart still stocks products that are compatible for use with Amazon devices such as Amazon Fire Sticks.

To get a real feel of what Walmart has to offer you, it is best to swing by your nearest store and have a chat with one of their tech-related staff members.

And if you do not feel like leaving the comfort of your home, you could always do your window shopping online at the Walmart online store!

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