Does Walmart Price Match?

Yes, Walmart does match their price in Walmart online and other stores, provided that the product is identical in brand, model, size, quantity, and color.

However, keep in mind that Walmart will only price match items from the Walmart website with a dollar or percentage discount and will not price match any items coming from online clearance or third-party sellers’ items.

Walmart Price Matching Competitors

Before you scour the internet for a cheaper product you’d like to buy at Walmart, you should know about the list of retailers accepted for Walmart’s price match.

Below are the eligible competitors, and the lower price must come from one of them: 

  • Academy
  • Amazon
  • Autozone
  • Babiesrus
  • Basspro
  • Bed bath and beyond
  • Best buy
  • Cabelas
  • Chewy
  • Dicks sporting goods
  • Dollar general
  • Family dollar
  • Home depot
  • JC penny
  • Kmart
  • Kohls
  • Lowes
  • Michaels
  • Newegg
  • Office depot
  • Oreilly auto
  • Pepboys
  • Petco
  • Petsmart
  • Sears
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Walgreens

These are the online retailers eligible for Walmart Price Matches.

However, if you find a product from another retailer that is not on the list and you think is qualified for the policy, you can contact Walmart Customer Care. Keep in mind that Walmart has the final decision for matching prices online. 

What Are The Rules For Walmart Price Match?

If you want to give Walmart price mart a try, you should know about its rules.

According to Walmart Price Match Policy, here are the rules you should familiarize yourself with: 

  1. The price of the item should come from the eligible websites mentioned above. 
  2. You must provide all the details of the competitor’s product price, including the name of the competitor and its price. 
  3. Lastly, Walmart reserves all the rights to make a change in this policy when needed. For example, Walmart may limit quantities to one per customer, per item, per day.

How To Price Match In A Walmart Store

Below are the steps you can follow if you want to price match a product you found in a Walmart store: 

  1. Before asking for a price match, the item is identical in brand, color, model, size, and quantity. You should also check if it comes from an eligible retail store mentioned above. 
  2. Prepare the necessary details for the price match. For example, This could be a screenshot of the product, a printout, or a link from your smartphone of the exact page where you found the cheaper priced item. 
  3. Head on to the local store. At the local store, look for the same product you want to price match. 
  4. Go to the register or self-checkout and inform the associate about your price match request. 
  5. Once the associate has confirmed that the products are the same, your request will be directed to the manager. The store manager will have the final say on whether your request will be processed as there can be limitations to the number of items that can be price matched per day. 
  6. After the manager approves your request, the amount will be deducted from the original price, or you’ll be refunded the difference. 

How To Price Match Online

If you want to initiate a price match at Walmart online, follow the steps below: 

  1. Ensure that the product is the same brand, model, color, size, and quantity. You also need to check if it’s from one of the eligible competitors. 
  2. Prepare the link to the product. 
  3. Contact Walmart Customer Care before placing the order to ensure that the product qualifies for price match. 
  4. Wait for the representative’s decision. Keep in mind that their decision whether the item is eligible for price match or not is final.

Walmart Price Match Exclusions

Apart from the rules and eligible competitor websites, you should also know what is excluded from this policy. Here’s a breakdown of what Walmart won’t price match: 

  • Products bought from have later decreased in price.
  • Walmart stores in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico do not Price Match online and other store prices. 
  • Prices that are found from Marketplaces and third-party sellers. 
  • Discounts that you get from checkout. 
  • Deals and offers advertised as percentages off or dollar off, for example, 10% off or $5 off.
  • Prices coming from stores that require memberships, such as Sam’s or Costco. 
  • Prices that are dependent on other items, such as fees and shipping charges. 
  • Coupons, rebates, mail-in offers, bundles, or any offers that include financing. 
  • Products that need a minimum quantity purchase. 
  • Items that other retailers have listed in their special event such as clearance sales, closeout, liquidation, special hour, limited quantity.
  • Used, damaged, or refurbished items. 
  • In-store prices. 
  • Pricing errors.
  • Prices from pickup discounts
  • Prices from sales or promotions, including Black Friday and Cyber Week. 

Can I Price Match Walmart Online Ads At A Walmart Local Store?

Unfortunately, your local store may not price match ads from Walmart online without a specified price since and Walmart stores are two separate entities. Therefore, if you find a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deal online, it isn’t available for a price match in-store and vice versa. 

But if it’s a singular fixed price item advertised at that is available in-store, it can be price matched, depending on the manager’s discretion. 

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Can Walmart Deny My Price Match Request?

Yes, Walmart has the right to reject and alter any price match request, especially if it does not meet the requirements. 

One way for your request to be denied is if the price you found comes from a competitor not listed on Walmart Price Match Policy, such as other Walmart or Neighborhood Market stores. 

In addition, your request may also be denied if the item is different in color, size, quantity, model, and brand. 

Lastly, you may be asking for a price match in one of the Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico stores, which do not match the price. 

Remember, customers from the remaining states can only match a price one item per person per day, except for New Mexico who only limits purchases for resale. 

Can I Price Match Items From Walmart Online That I Have Already Purchased In-Store?

If you have just purchased a product at your local Walmart store and then noticed after a couple of days that it was discounted on the website, then yes, you can adjust the price to the new listed price. 

However, this should be down within seven days of purchase. Otherwise, it will not be honored. 

Does Walmart Price Match Walmart Marketplace?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not price match products sold by third-party sellers on Walmart marketplace or Neighborhood Market. 

If you want to make sure that the product is sold by Walmart or an online seller, check the shipping details.

It will clearly state who the product is fulfilled by. 

Does Walmart Canada Price Match Online Prices?

No, Walmart Canada has decided to discontinue its price match feature in stores and online through the website, including its Ad match program. 

This is because the company wants to reduce any delays at checkouts for a smoother shopping experience. 


Walmart matches their competitor’s prices provided that the items are identical in brand, model, color, size, and quantity. Prices should be compared at their base price, and this policy can’t be applied on sales or promotional items that don’t have a fixed price. 

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