Does Walmart Pay Weekly?

No, Walmart does not pay weekly.

Instead, they pay employees every two weeks. Payments usually occur every other Thursday.

However you can use the Instapay feature on Walmart’s payment management app, Even, to schedule an additional payment once per pay period.

By doing this you could get paid once a week.

Walmart Pay Schedule

Walmart pays their staff either by direct deposit or by check once a fortnight.

How To Get Paid Quicker Using Even

Walmart uses an app called Even which, amongst other things, helps employees manage their paychecks.

The app is designed to help employees save some of their income and also help them to plan their budget.

It has a function called Instapay which allows employees to receive up to 50% of their next paycheck earlier than the usual payment schedule allows.

You can do this once per pay period.

Instacash can pay you via direct deposit or via physical cash payment at any Walmart.

The app also allows you to setup automatic payments to help you budget, so, for example, you could set up auto payments that pay you 50% of your wage every other week so in essence you would be receiving payment once a week using this schedule.

The idea is that if an employee has an unexpected expense come up then they can have early access to their own money so that the situation doesn’t become too big a financial burden in the short term.

does walmart pay weekly

How much does Walmart pay every 2 weeks

The amount that you will receive in your fortnightly payment will vary depending on your pay grade.

As of September 25th 2021 the average hourly pay at Walmart is $16.40.

A full-time Walmart employee will typically work 37.5 hours per week so on a fortnight basis that equates to an amount of 75 x %16.4 = $1230.

However this is prior to tax deductions. So expect less than this in your fortnightly pay.

Does Walmart hold the first paycheck?

No, Walmart does not hold back the first paycheck, they will pay your first paycheck on the same fortnightly basis as all other staff members.

In fact, employers cannot legally withhold your first paycheck in the U.S.

However be aware that if you have started in the middle of a pay period it may take some time to get you set up on the payment system, so you may therefore not receive your first paycheck on the next payment day it may be the following one.

We hope you found that useful, if you’re new to Walmart you may also find it useful to read more about Walmart’s transfer policy in case you ever wish to move to a different store or department.

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