Does Walmart Accept Paypal?

Yes, Walmart accepts PayPal for both in-store purchases and purchases on their website.

However to use PayPal in-store you will need to get a PayPal cash card.

How To Get A Paypal Cash Card

To get a PayPal Cash Card you must first ensure that:

  • You have a personal PayPal account set up in your name.
  • Your account has no ongoing issues open in the PayPal resolutions Center such as a dispute over a service or product not received.
  • You have an valid and active telephone number on your account.
  • You have a confirmed street address on your account.
  • You have added your D.O.B & social security numbers to your account.

Once you have verified that all of these are in place then follow these steps to get your card:

  1. Visit the PayPal Cash Card page.
  2. Select ‘Get The Card’.
  3. Login to your account.
  4. Select ‘Request Your Card’
  5. Read through the Ts & Cs and scroll to the bottom and select ‘Agree & continue’
  6. Confirm your name & billing address and select confirm and continue.
  7. Select the correct address to mail your card to.
  8. Confirm your DOB and social security number.
  9. Take a photo of your driving license/passport and upload it.
  10. Take a photo of a utility bill to confirm your address and upload it.
  11. Take a photo of your social security card or pay stub and upload it.
  12. Submit your application.
  13. Wait 2-3 business days to be approved.
  14. If approved your card will be sent out.

When your card arrives activate the card at

You can then use your card as you would a normal debit card. It will be accepted at any place that accepts Mastercard/Debit cards.

How To Use Paypal In A Walmart Store

To use Paypal in a physical Walmart store follow simply use your card as you would any other debit card. You can use it either to make a contactless payment for small sums or using chip and PIN for larger payments.

If you wish to add money to your PayPal cash card you can do this at Walmart tills too. Just tell the cashier that you wish to do this and they will help you sort it out for a fee (usually around $3).

does walmart accept paypal

How To Use Paypal At Walmart Online

If you are shopping on the Walmart website or app follow these steps to pay via PayPal:

  1. Once your cart is full select ‘checkout’.
  2. Press the ‘+More’ button in the payment options section.
  3. Select PayPal.
  4. Login to your PayPal account and confirm the payment method.
  5. Complete the payment in the Walmart app or on their website.

Other Payment Methods That Walmart Accept

If your PayPal account isn’t working you can always use any of these payment methods instead:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Gift card
  • Capital One Walmart Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Affirm
  • EBT (EBT cannot be used via the app or website in Alaska, Montana & Louisiana)
  • Cash
  • Check

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