Does USPS Deliver on Saturdays & Sundays?

The USPS is open for business on weekends, but not all the services are available. Also, some options are available on Saturdays but not on Sundays. 

Here’s what you can work with for weekend deliveries: 

  • Priority Mail Express
  • First Class Mail
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • First-Class Package

Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are the most dependable services for getting your packages on a weekend. The latter is slightly more expensive, but it guarantees a 1-2 day delivery period.

As of 2013, Amazon has signed an agreement with the USPS to deliver their packages throughout the week.

So if you order something from Amazon or Amazon prime, there’s a good chance that you can receive it on a Saturday or a Sunday.  

Unlike various other couriers, the prices of the USPS services don’t vary drastically from the weekday deliveries. If the service is available seven days a week, then its cost wouldn’t surge if it’s placed for a weekend slot.  

While the prices aren’t a huge variable in weekend deliveries, you might need to consider where exactly is your current location.

Your proximity to a warehouse plays a big part in how quickly you’d receive your package. 

What Are the Advantages of Weekend Deliveries? 

The matter of weekend deliveries used to be of concern for businesses mainly, back in the day.

This has changed recently, as we all depend on courier services for delivering various supplies and commodities.

It’s the Perfect Solution for 9-5 Employees and Students

All the folks who have a 9-5 job can never be available at home to receive their mail.

The same applies to students, commuters, and various other professionals who are only home during the weekends. 

The only option for these busy people was requesting that their packages be left beside the door.

Sometimes a neighbor or the building concierge would receive it until the consignee arrives, but that’s clearly less an ideal. 

Weekend deliveries allow all these folks to receive their packages in person.

This is the better option, and also the more exciting one. Who doesn’t like getting a package? 

It’s an Indispensable Part of Online Shopping

The overactive service providers, like Amazon, have also contributed to making package deliveries a part of our daily lives. 

It’s not surprising then to see package delivery gradually replacing normal shopping at malls and markets on any given weekend.

After all, that’s the time when most households are available at their homes and ready to receive their orders. 

Providing Extra Flexibility for Customers 

A shipping schedule that’s available seven days a week accommodates everyone’s schedule.

Most sellers realized that the buyers don’t mind paying a little extra for getting their packages at an appropriate time.

Which is most often on Saturdays and Sundays. 

The added flexibility is certainly good for both the customers and the business. 

Speeding Up the Inventory Turnaround Time

This simply means that the stores can empty their warehouses and refill them in a short time.

The quick cycle means more profits at the end of the quarter. 

This is naturally a good enough reason for retailers to encourage weekend deliveries.  

Encouraging e-Commerce 

The addition of the weekend delivery option was observed to decrease cart abandonment in various online businesses.

It seems that the extra flexibility we just mentioned eliminated a serious obstacle that online buyers faced before. 

That’s why in the spirit of facilitating the process even more, the USPS included a shipping plugin that online stores could add to their platforms.

It allows the customers to choose the specific postal service they prefer, as well as a preferred time of delivery. This includes weekends of course. 

Can You Also Pick Up Packages on Weekends? 

Thes USPS offices are open all year round, but as you might’ve noticed, some services are limited on weekends and other holidays. 

One of the services that you can still access on Saturdays and Sundays is package pickup.

However, you should fulfill some conditions, for example: 

  • Giving a valid reason for the early pickup 
  • Presenting the tracking details
  • Having placed a ‘Hold Upon Request’ note with the USPS

Does USPS Deliver on Weekends? 

As we mentioned in the previous sections, the USPS does deliver packages on weekends.

There are some limitations though, as not all the shipping services are available.

Additionally, there are a few differences between the Saturday and Sunday deliveries. 

Here’s a detailed comparison of both.      

Saturday Deliveries 

Saturday is often considered a continuation of the workweek.

Thus, whatever a business, a retailer, or an individual has postponed till the last minute of Friday, can still be saved on a Saturday morning. 

This is quite often a lifesaver, whether that’s a business setting or a domestic one.

The following is what you should expect from a Saturday delivery.

Type of Services

On Saturdays, you can count on two types of deliveries: Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. There are also the Amazon or Amazon Prime services that are valid throughout the week. 

In addition, you might receive deliveries from First Class Mail or Retail Ground.

But these aren’t too frequent, and they’re often pushed to the next business day. 

Delivery Hours  

Priority Mail typically takes 1-3 business days.

It’s a convenient and nicely priced service if you want to receive your packages on a Saturday. 

Priority Mail Express takes 1-2 days business but costs a bit more.

It’s a good solution if you’re only home on Sundays, but it also offers a bunch of shipping features.

So if you’re also available on Saturdays, it’s still a wise choice.   


Priority Mail costs start at $6.40. This flat rate stays with you for up to 70 lbs packages.

This often covers your requirements, but there are exceptions of course.

In case you’re ordering massive packages, you could consider an alternative method of ground shipping.  

Priority Mail Express is a bit more expensive, as it starts from $22.95. The flat rate here too is up to 70 lbs.

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Insurance and Other Features

The insurance for Priority Mail is approximately $50.

This cuts off extra charging for fuel and other expenses.

In addition, it allows Saturday package deliveries, plus, the full tracking of this mail in real-time.  

Priority Mail Express has Insurance of around $100, but it comes with some impressive benefits.

This includes proof of delivery, package tracking in real-time, overnight shipping, and holiday delivery. 

Sunday Deliveries 

Sunday deliveries are mostly premium postal services.

They’re either urgent deliveries or the only times online shoppers are available at home to receive their purchases. 

Type of Services

Most often, Sunday deliveries are either from Priority Mail Express or an Amazon Prime service. That’s because the allowed time slot for the Express mail is 1-2 days.

So if an order is placed on Friday, it could be delivered on Sunday. 

The other types of postal services often have a wider allowance in delivery times, so an order placed on Friday could be delivered on Monday without any problems. 

This service is available 365 days a year, including the weekends. 

Delivery Hours  

There’s no fixed schedule for Sunday delivery hours.

That’s primarily as it’s treated as an exception rather than the rule. 

Thus, there’s an equal chance that you’d receive your package very early in the morning or late that night.

You might want to use the online tracking option to get a rough idea of the delivery slot.

That way, it would be easier to make sure that you’re home at a suitable time.


The cost of Priority Mail Express is the highest of all the services provided, but still, it’s moderate compared to competing couriers. 

The prices start at $22.95, and this flat rate covers package loads up to 70lbs. 

For deliveries that are too large for this service, you might want to consider Retail Ground. In that case, you’d start at $6.75. 

Insurance and Other Features

The insurance for this service is around $100. This amount might seem a bit high, but it comes with a bunch of valuable benefits. 

For example: 

  • You get proof of delivery once the package is received. This naturally minimizes misplacement of packages or mix-ups between recipients. 
  • You can track your order in real-time, and see for yourself the various timestamps and signatures of the process. 
  • This mail is quite quick, and you have the option of Overnight Delivery. This means that what you send today would be delivered tomorrow by around 10:30 in the morning. 
  • It offers the option of Holiday Delivery, which is perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s gifts. 

How to Make Sure Your Package Would Be Delivered on the Weekend? 

Having gone through all that effort to learn about weekend deliveries, it would be great to receive your package on the expected date without delays or glitches. 

Here are a few things you could do to ensure accurate and predictable delivery, to the exact location that’s convenient to you.  

Give Clear Instructions 

The USPS provides a Manage Your Mail service wherein you can specify an exact drop-off location.

It could be something like ‘leave it at the building concierge office’, ‘drop it off at my porch’, or even ‘leave it with my neighbor’. 

Leave a Redelivery Request 

If you’re not available at the specified address, or the delivery dates get mixed up, you can arrange for a redelivery request.

This is much easier than tracking the package and trying to retrieve it the normal way. 

Use the Forward Mail Option 

If you suddenly need to go out of town for a vacation, business trip, or family matters, you can still receive your package on the specified date. 

Using the mail forwarding option you can change the delivery address at short notice.

This service is understandably offered at a premium.  

The Bottom Line 

The USPS is a vintage courier service that’s been in the business of delivering mail for more than two centuries.

They have one of the largest package distribution networks in the country. And on top of that, they’re quite dependable and they offer their services at a fair price. 

Their package delivery services are available throughout the year every day of the week.

This includes weekends and even holidays.

However, not all the services are accessible during these times, so you should pick the right one if you want to receive your package on a Sunday or a Saturday.

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