Does US Bank Sell Stamps?

Yes – U.S Bank does sell stamps.

However be aware that not all of their branches sell stamps. The only way of finding out is to go in and ask or check to see if their ATMs are dispensing any.

Stamps are available to purchase from staff at the desks or directly from any of their ATMs.

They do not sell single stamps you will have to buy at least one sheet of 20 stamps (read our article here to find out how many stamps you need for your parcel or letter).

Other Banks that also sell stamps include: Wells Fargo

History of U.S Bank

The U.S Bank can trace its origins back to 1863 when the First National Bank of Cincinnati opened. By 1891 it was operating under the name the United States National Bank of Portland.

In 1902 it formed a merger with a bank called Ainsworth National Bank of Portland while retaining it’s name.

62 years later in 1964 it’s name changed to the United States National Bank of Oregon. Over time a series of mergers with numerous regional banks led to them changing their name to ‘U.S Bank’.

U.S Bank is now the 5th biggest bank in the U.S, it employes 75,000 people and manages almost $500 billion worth of assets.

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