Does Tom Thumb Sell Stamps?

Yes, indeed they do! 

Tom Thumb is a supermarket chain found in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. They sell typical products that can be found in supermarkets; frozen foods, seafood, meat, and snacks to name a few. They also own their own pharmacies.

Tom Thumb, when combined with its sister companies Albertson’s and Market Street, is the second-biggest supermarket in the US. Mainly, in terms of market share. It comes right behind Walmart

In case you’re in dire need of stamps and can’t find them at your post office, Tom Thumb is a handy local store where you can buy stamps from.

Where Can I Find Tom Thumb?

Tom Thumb can be found in 63 locations in the United States, all in different regions of Texas. 17 of these stores can be found in Dallas, where it was first established. 

You can find your nearest Tom Thumb location on their website by simply entering your State/Province/Region, and it’ll point you to the nearest store available within a 100-mile radius. 

What Kind of Stamps Does Tom Thumb Sell?

Tom Thumb sells stamps in sets of 2, 8, or booklets of 20 with a wide variety to choose from. Some of these include Forever Stamps, Commemorative Stamps, and Semipostal Stamps.

Not sure how many stamps to use? Find out here.

You can also find other postage material such as writing paper, envelopes, and wrapping paper if needed at your convenience.

More About Tom Thumb

Founded by J.R. Bost and Robert B. Cullum in 1948, Tom Thumb started off after Cullum, a then grocery supplier, bought a small local chain named Toro Supermarkets. It quickly became one of the well-known local supermarkets in the area, and by 1956 it has grown to 20 stores. 

Building on this success; Bost and Cullum bought 34 Hinky Dinky stores, 17 Pantry Food Markets, and a gourmet specialty store called Simon David in 1963. After a bit of contemplation, they’ve decided to buy Page Drug stores as well. 

Buying Page Drug stores became a turning point of Tom Thumb, as this allowed them to operate a new chain of Tom Thumb Pharmacies. 

By 1974, their sales had reached half a billion dollars. 

In 2015, under a $9 billion merger deal, long-time Texas grocery rivals Tom Thumb and Albertsons became a part of the same company. 

Tom Thumb has now been in operation for 72 years, as of 2020. 

Today, other than local grocery stores, you can purchase products from Tom Thumb through their online delivery service. You can browse through 25,000 different items with their nutritional labels and prices. All from the comfort of your own home. 

Tom Thumb also has annual fund-raising campaigns, aptly known as Tom Thumb’s Kindness for kids, which benefits children in need. Selected products can be purchased and a portion of the proceeds go to this campaign. Consumers may also donate separately if they wished. 
On Apr 22, 2020, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tom Thumb and its partner Albertson’s donated an additional $50M to their hunger-relief campaign.

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