Does ShopRite Sell Stamps?

Yes – Shoprite does sell stamps!

ShopRite Supermarkets are one of the major chains of retailer’s stores in the United States, and they’re also one of the brands teaming up with the U.S. Postal Office to have postage stamps available for sale.

Keep reading to find out more about ShopRite Supermarkets retail stores, how to find a branch near you, and how can you buy stamps from them.

Where Can I Find ShopRite?

You can find ShopRite retail stores in several states, particularly 6 of them: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

ShopRite stores are open in more than 300 locations across these states, so there’s probably a branch closer to your home thank you think!

If you need help finding the nearest store to your address, then you should definitely try out the ShopRite store locator service.

Not only can you search for a store by state, but you can also search for a close branch by Zipcode. Additionally, you can customize the results to show you stores with online grocery delivery, online grocery pick up, pharmacy, catering, and more.

What Kind of Stamps Does ShopRite Sell?

At ShopRite Supermarkets retail stores, you can find all sorts of postage stamps approved by the United States Postal Service agency (USPS), including postage stamps for mail and postcards.

That being said, you won’t be able to buy single postage stamps at ShopRite stores. However, similar to most chain supermarkets, ShopRite sells postage stamps in the form of books containing a large number of individual stamps.

Read this: If you’re not sure how many stamps you need.

Stamp books aren’t available on store shelves, so if you want to purchase postage stamps at any ShopRite store, all you need to do is ask an agent at the customer service counter or any other staff member and they should be able to help you.

Stamp Prices at ShopRite

Postage stamp books at ShopRite Supermarkets are sold at a bit higher cost than the price you’d normally pay at a U.S. post office. 

However, as a retail store chain, ShopRite is open on weekends as well as weekdays, working for longer hours than a conventional post office does.

About ShopRite

ShopRite started out as a struggling cooperative founded by 8 members, each owned their independent grocery stores.

That was back in 1940 and since then, the ShopRite franchise has grown into one of the largest retailer-owned chains in the United States with Wakefern Food Corp. as their merchandising and distribution arm.

Today, 50 members comprise the cooperative body, each individually own and run stores and supermarkets under the ShopRite name. Together, Wakefern and ShopRite have more than 50,000 people employed across 6 states of the United States.

Their goal is to provide customers with products of the greatest value at the lowest overall prices, which is possible thanks to their “Volume” buying strategy as well as having all the involved warehousing and transportation completed through Wakefern Food Corporation.

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