Does Safeway Sell Stamps?

The answer is: Yes!

If you need a book of 20 stamps, you can easily head to the nearest Safeway as they’re authorized to sell stamps, but not the individual ones.

You should check the weight of your letter or parcel to determine how many stamps you need. However, even you must get more, heading to Safeway is a convenient and hassle-free option.

How to Buy Stamps at Safeway?

While you’re doing your grocery shopping, you can easily grab a few stamp books for emergencies. Safeway is a leading brand in the USA where people go to buy their food, cleaning products, flowers, and so much more.

The stores are open every day, even on Sundays when it works for limited hours. Nevertheless, you’ll definitely find a store near your house or office where you can grab some of your essentials in addition to the needed stamps.

Buying stamps isn’t always on the list of everyone’s household shopping. However, you’ll realize how important they are when you desperately need them.

Safeway has made it quite easy as all you have to do is ask about their forever stamps at the reception desk. These are forever stamps so they don’t expire; you can keep them until you need them to send an important letter, government form, or a personal parcel. When you’re done, you’ll just pay for them with the rest of your shopping.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Safeway?

Stamps are sold at the same current price set by USPS. This means that if you’re buying a book of 20 forever stamps, you’ll pay the same price you’d pay at the post office.

Nevertheless, lots of people prefer to get their stamps at Safeway because they won’t make a separate trip to the post office. You can grab some stamps while you’re doing your weekly household shopping and you won’t be charged a higher price.

Similar stores where you can buy stamps include:

How to Find the Nearest Safeway?

Luckily for you, Safeway has multiple stores located across the United States so you’ll definitely find one near your house. Currently, Safeway has a total of 1335 stores in the USA and 195 in Mexico with its partnership with Casa Ley. There are 168 branches in Washington and 115 branches in Colorado.

This means that finding a store near you won’t be a difficult task. All you have to do is to check their website and make sure that the store is open. Now, you can get all your dairy products, liquor, detergents, as well as stamps in one convenient trip that won’t take much time.

Moreover, you can even get your stamps online. Safeway offers this service as the stamps can be delivered right to your doorstep with the rest of your shopping.

About Safeway

In 1915, Marion Barton Skaggs founded Safeway; an American supermarket chain in American Falls, Idaho. As of 2015, it has become a subsidiary of Albertsons.

The subsidiary headquarters is located in California as Safeway’s primary base of operations is in the central and western states.

The chain managed to expand internationally to Canada, Australia, England, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.


Anyone can buy stamps at Safeway while they’re doing their household shopping. The store sells books of 20 stamps, so you might want to keep some for an emergency.

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