Does Rite Aid Sell Stamps?

Yes. Rite Aid, even though a drug store, is one of many places where you can buy stamps

Other postage accessories are also sold, from pencils and pens to envelopes, postcards, protection sheets, and foam. 

All these are readily available at your nearest Rite Aid branch, although it’d be best to give them a call first just to make sure they’re stocked. 

Read this: If you’re not sure how many stamps you need.

Don’t worry about that call at all though; Rite Aid’s customer support team with over 90,000 employees is unparalleled in their friendliness and knowledge.

While access to stamps is relatively difficult for people living in the countryside, with over 4,600 branch stores throughout the United States with the vast majority being in California and the eastern seaside, you’d definitely have a Rite Aid branch around you!

Rite Aid seems to sell their stamps a tad-bit more expensive relative to standard stamp retailers or the United States Post Office, so bear that in mind before attempting to buy some. 

Other pharmacies that also sell stamps include:

Rite Aid is also famed for its ‘Plenti’ rewards system, as well as the sheer amount of coupons they provide their customers. 

If you’re signed in the ‘Plenti’ points system, it’s worth to mention that you won’t be able to redeem your ‘Plenti’ points in your stamp purchase. 

History of Rite Aid 

In the year 1962, Alex Grass’ found Rite Aid, which at that time was named: ‘Thrift D Discount Center’, in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. 

As the business flourished, and ‘Thrift D Discount Center’ hit it big, the company’s name changed to ‘Rite Aid Corporation’ and then got listed on the stock market in the year 1968. 

In the span of the first 10 years of operation, Rite Aid has had over 267 branches in over 10 states. 

It then became the largest drug store in 1987, after it has established over 2000 branch stores over the country. 

In the year 1996, Rite Aid has managed to expand to reach a number of 4000 stores in all states. 

They also added several branches in the Gulf Coast and West Coast to their portfolio. 

However, between 1996 and 2003, Rite Aid got caught up in massive financial issues as some of the company’s executives were convicted of fraud.

Despite any hardships, Rite Aid remains a tremendously successful drug store chain in the US.

It ranks the third-largest drugstore in the entire country, in which it’s directly behind Walgreens and CVS in terms of size. Rite Aid continues to expand even further as revenues increase.

Currently, there are more than 6000 stores and clinics in Rite Aid Corporation’s acquisition. 

In New York state alone, there are over 620 Rite Aid branches. In the state of California, over 583 stores could be found as well. You can literally find Rite Aid in any state.  

The Rite Aid Foundation has donated over $80 million to organizations responsible for children’s health and well-being, such as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and many more. 

Finally, It’s worth to mention that it’s only recently that Rite Aid started selling stamps. It started doing so in the early 2000s, when the demand for such products increased exponentially.

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