Does OfficeMax Sell Stamps?

Yes, OfficeMax does sell stamps.

OfficeMax is one of the largest retail chains found inside and outside the U.S. It sells a broad-spectrum of goods, including stamps.

Where Can You Find an OfficeMax Store?

It won’t be a difficult task to find an OfficeMax store; after all, the company runs over 900 stores in 47 states. But, you can save yourself the effort of looking for your local OfficeMax branch by logging into their website.

OfficeMax’s website offers you the chance to locate the nearest store through its store locator. This feature enables you to check out the selected store’s days off, opening and closing hours, and phone numbers. It also gives you a location map to the store you’ve chosen.

You can shop through the website for any of their products. The delivery process, however, would take around 2-6 days. The online store grants you a money refund as well, as long as you return your purchases within a 14-day span. This doesn’t include delivery charges, though.

What Type of Stamps Does OfficeMax Sell?

Although stamps are available in OfficeMax, there isn’t much variety in the imprints sold. OfficeMax sells only three types of stamps: business, custom-made, and date and numbering stamps.

The store sells their stamps in booklets of 20 stamps that vary in design. They also vary in price depending on their type.

Read our article here for guidance on how many stamps to use.

Custom-made stamps cost a lot more than business and date and numbering stamps. However, you can purchase them at a lower price at a local post office. OfficeMax sells stamp pads and inks as well, in case you’re looking for an alternative to paper stamps.

That being said, if you’re looking for single stamps, OfficeMax might not be the optimal choice out there. The store doesn’t sell single stamps, but you can easily buy them at the USPS

There isn’t a specific aisle in an OfficeMax store that you can find postal stamps in. In most store branches, they’re available at the cash counter. So, you can take a stroll inside an OfficeMax, then buy your desired stamps before exiting the store.

About OfficeMax

OfficeMax was founded in 1988 by co-founders Michael Feuer and Robert Hurwitz. It took the co-founders 90 days to plan and open the first store in the chain, which is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

The store was a huge success, to the point that the originators opened an additional 13 stores in the span of 12 months. The company continued to grow and expand reaching 30 stores in different states. 

Currently, the company expanded to include stores in New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands. In 2013, OfficeMax merged with Office Depot, creating an $18 billion company in the process.

Rather than wasting time standing in line at a post office, you can easily obtain stamps at your local OfficeMax store. There, you can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience while buying post stamps. But, you can always order them online instead.

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