Does Kroger Sell Stamps?

The answer is: Yes! Most Kroger stores sell stamps.

Luckily, you don’t have to head to the post office every time you need to buy stamps. Most people find out that they’ve run out of stamps just when they need them the most.

If you’re planning on sending a letter, a greeting card or a government form, you should have your stamps ready so you can send them on time.

Kroger has made it easier for everyone because the store sells stamps as well as other mailing accessories so if you live near a Kroger you won’t need to worry about where to buy stamps from ever again.

How to Buy Stamps From Kroger?

Kroger carries stamps that people buy in books of 20 or 30.

Read this: If you’re not sure how many stamps you need.

The next time you are at a Kroger store, you can ask whether they sell stamps or not. Most of the stores do, so you’ll probably get all the stamps you need. However, some stores don’t offer this service, so you need to check first.

Kroger doesn’t keep the stamps in the store to protect them from being destroyed or misplaced. They’re kept in a storeroom or behind the cash register, so you’ll need the help of the shop assistant.

Why Should You Buy Stamps From Kroger?

Of course, you can always get your stamps from the post office. However, most people prefer to shop for stamps at Kroger because it’s more convenient. Here are some advantages of buying stamps from Kroger.

  • You’re probably a busy person. Whether you’re worried about your work or picking up kids from school, you know that every minute counts. You can get all your stamps while you’re doing your shopping without having to make a special trip to the post office.
  • Kroger is open longer hours than the post office as some stores are open 24 hours.
  • Kroger is open every day of the week, so you can even get your stamps on the weekend.
  • The stamps are sold at the same price as the USPS.
  • While you’re at a Kroger store and buying your stamps, you can also get other stationery and mailing accessories including pens, envelopes, packing tapes, and more.
  • If you’re planning on sending a big letter or a parcel, you can use the weighing machine at Kroger. This will determine the weight of your letter or package and accordingly help you decide on the number of stamps you need to buy before sending it.

About Kroger

Bernard Kroger founded this retailing chain in 1883, making it one of the oldest supermarket chains in the USA. Kroger has markets in 35 states and has 251 jewelry stores under the brand name.

The chain has its own fleet of trucks and operates several dairy plants and bakeries. Kroger also offers a lot of its own branded products which are of excellent quality.


Head to Kroger and get all your stamps to send your letter on time. Moreover, you can find pens and envelopes to cover all your mailing needs. There’s definitely a Kroger store near your house, so you’ll never run out of stamps again.

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