Does Kmart Sell Stamps?

Yes, Kmart does sell stamps.

Kmart is a famous chain of discount department stores in the US. It has branches in many states with headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The store sells various kinds of products such as clothing, appliances, electronics, and household items. 

It’s also one of the places where you can buy stamps.

A trip to the local store can save you time. Therefore, heading for the nearest Kmart store is a convenient choice if you’re in an urgent need of stamps.

Where Can I Find Kmart?

Check if your nearest Kmart store is still open or not easily by checking the Kmart store locator and directory on their official website.

You can also order the stamps you need online from Kmart official website. They have both picking from the store option as well as the shipping option. 

Picking from the store is totally for free. All you need to do is go to the store using only your received “Ready for Pickup” email and a photo of your ID. In the case of shipping, your shipment will be delivered to your address in two weeks.

There’re also many marketplace sellers on the Kmart website (such as GrowKart) from which you can buy stamps. They usually offer nice deals and discounts. Yet, an item purchased from a marketplace seller can’t be returned to a Kmart store.

What Kind of Stamps Does Kmart Sell?

When purchasing stamps from local stores you usually find regular Forever Postal Stamps. However, If you are looking for something specific or special you can call the customer service to check if it’s available.

It isn’t common to find single stamps in retail stores. That’s why in Kmart you’re likely to find rolls that include 10 stamps each or a book that includes 20 stamps. They’re cheaper than single ones. It depends on how many you need. Notice, however, that the roll and the book are likely to cost more from a store than when bought from the post office. 

When purchasing online the research may not show all stamps available. Therefore, you may need to call customer service to ask for the stamps you need and order them directly.

Similar stores that also sell stamps include:

More About Kmart

Kmart stores were originally found by S. S. Kresge. After working as a salesman, Kresge opened his own store in 1897 in Memphis, Tennessee.

He incorporated his own company and started opening more stores in different places. The number of stores had reached 682 in 1940. Yet, the first store to go with the name Kmart was in San Fernando, California in 1962.

Kresge, the company’s founder, died in October 1966. Then in 1977, the company’s name changed from S. S. Kresge to K Mart Corporation. 

As the stores grew during the 80s and the 90s, it started facing some setbacks since 2001. Eventually, a lot of branches are now being closed and continue to close gradually in different cities and states.

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