Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment.

There are no future announcements about the store accepting digital wallet payments.

This can be frustrating, especially if you always use Apple Pay.

However, Home Depot allows customers to pay using their phones via PayPal for their in-store and online purchases. 

Read this article to learn why Home Depot does not accept Apple Pay and to know more about other payment options you can try. 

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Accept Apple Pay?

The company hasn’t given any statement as to why they are not accepting Apple Pay.

However, many people believe that Home Depot’s partnership with Paypal in 2012 may have resulted in the store delaying its support for digital wallets. 

By providing limited payment options, Home Depot may push their customers to use the payment systems they offer that can help generate more profits for them, including Home Depot’s credit card and its partnership with PayPal. 

does home depot accept apple pay

Another likely reason is that the company doesn’t have the technology needed to accept this kind of payment.

Apple Pay and other digital wallets use a system called near field communication (NFC). This payment terminal allows contactless payments between mobile phones and chip credits with pin pads. Since this technology is still new, many retailers haven’t adopted it yet. 

Hopefully, like many other stores, Home Depot will start supporting Apple Pay at some point. But if you still want to use your mobile phone to pay at Home Depot, you can begin using Paypal instead. 

Apple Pay Alternative: How to Use PayPal At Home Depot

If you prefer using online payments such as Apple Pay or other digital wallets, Home Depot, unfortunately, doesn’t accept them.

However, you can use Paypal instead. PayPal issues a cash credit card that you can use like your traditional credit card.

Basically, it’s just a traditional debit card but is linked to your PayPal balance instead, rather than your bank account. 

If you have this card, you can just use it as your regular credit card and swipe it through the terminal at checkout.

The terminal will get all the information it needs from the card to process your payment. After swiping, you need to type your Pin to prove your identity.

This ensures that you’re the owner of the card and avoid any fraudulent transactions. Once your payment is authorized, you’re good to go. 

Another way to pay using your PayPal balance is by using the terminal itself. You don’t need a card for this method.

All you need to do is type in the phone number associated with your PayPal account. Next, it will ask you to type your PIN. Once you’ve typed in your PIN, the payment will be verified, and your purchase will be complete. 

If you’re using a checkout lane with a cashier, they might ask you for your phone number and type it for you.

However, they will never ask for your PIN, and you should type it in the terminal yourself. Remember, you should not give your PIN away to anyone. 

Lastly, another way to pay with PayPal is through the Pay in 4 program. This is one of the best features of PayPal that you won’t get with many digital wallets.

Pay in 4 basically allows you to pay your purchases into separate payments or installments. The best part? These payments don’t usually charge interest unless you miss a payment. 

Through the Pay in4 program, you can purchase expensive items from Home Depot right away instead of waiting to get all the funds you need.

However, the retail store only allows you to buy certain goods with this installment program.

If you’re planning to take advantage of this, the only goods you can buy with it are power tools, homeware, small appliances, lighting, some electronics, plants and garden materials, household furnishings, and outdoor furnishings. 

Other Payment Methods Accepted At Home Depot

Since you can’t use your Apple Pay at Home Depot, here are other payment options you can use: 

  • Debit and credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Cards
  • Gift cards provided by any of the accepted card providers issued in-store or online
  • Home Depot Consumer Credit Card and the Home Depot Commercial Credit Card Accounts (PROX and CRC)
  • Home Depot physical store gift cards and eGift cards purchased at PayPal, Target, Walgreens, and Staples

Note: Customers purchasing with credit cards will not be charged until the product has been shipped. 

Will Home Depot Ever Take Apple Pay in the Future?

Home Depot has not made announcements regarding whether they will accept Apple Pay in the near future or not.

If you go through their online message boards, you can notice that some messages suggest the support of digital wallets.

However, there’s no official word from the company, so everything is just speculation from customers. 

Even though there’s no official statement about Apple Pay or any digital wallet support, many retailers are now embracing the technology all over the United States.

This is because many individuals see the benefits of using them, such as convenience, data security, and desire for contactless payment, especially in the time of the pandemic.

These reasons may compel Home Depot to adopt the technology, hopefully, in the near future. 

Other Stores That Accept Apple Pay

Here are some other stores that do accept Apple Pay:


Unfortunately, Home Depot does not accept Apple Pay or any digital wallet payments in-store and online.

However, customers can take advantage of the companies partnership with PayPal and use their PayPal credit cash card or balance instead.

While there’s no official announcement regarding the support of Apple Pay, many customers are hoping that this digital wallet will be accepted soon. 

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