Does Fry’s Sell Stamps?

If you came here for a quick response, then the short answer to this question is yes!

Fry’s Food and Drug is one of the major chains of supermarkets in the United States of America. 

Similar to most chain retailers and grocery stores in the United States, they also happen to be one of the places where you can buy stamps.

In the following article, you’re going to know more about Fry’s Food and Drug store locations, what kinds of stamps they sell, how to buy these stamps from them.

Where Can I Find Fry’s store?

Fry’s Food stores are located in many states in the United State. If you want to find the closest Fry’s store you should use Fry’s Food store locator service

The best thing about their locator service is that you can search for the store by zip code, city, or even the state.

Moreover, you can pick the “Search Using My Location” option. After choosing it, the browser will request to know your location, then it’ll guide you to the closest stores in your area.

Not only does the locator service show you the locations and addresses of the stores, but it’ll also show you their opening times, weekly offers, and further store details.

You can also use the United States Postal Service PO Locator service to find the closest branch where you can find stamps and booklets.

What Kind of Stamps Do Fry’s Stores Offer?

You can find United States postal stamps up on sale at Fry’s Food and Drug stores. Up till this moment, Fry’s Food and Drugs stores don’t sell single stamps. 

You can only buy stamps in larger quantities, such as 20 or 30 stamps. Fry’s Food stores sell stamps in the form of booklets and they usually contain about 20 stamps.

Read this: If you’re not sure how many stamps you need.

However, similar to most convenient stores, Fry’s don’t keep the stamps in the open to avoid theft and destruction. Alternatively, Fry’s keep these stamps books and other mail accessories in storage warehouses or behind cash registers.

If you want to buy stamps at Fry’s, you just need to ask a cashier, a staff member, or any customer service agent, and they’ll help you.

Stamp Prices at Fry’s

Fry’s stamp booklets are usually a bit more expensive than when you buy them from the post office. 

However, unlike some post offices, Fry’s is also open on the weekends and stays open for longer hours than most post offices. They also have all mailing accessories in one place for convenience.

About Fry’s

Fry’s Food and Drug supermarkets were founded by 1954 by Donald Fry and Charles brothers in California, USA before they were sold to Dillons in 1972.

After the sale, Charles brothers used the money to Fry’s Electronics in 1985. Despite holding the same name and extremely similar logo, they’re two separate entities that have no affiliations which each other.

Currently, the supermarket chain is a brand division owned by Kroger since the merging between them and Dillons in 1984.

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