Does Food Lion Sell Stamps?

Yes, Food Lion Stores do sell postage stamps.

Food Lion is among the most famous supermarket chains in the US. It was found in 1957 and its headquarters are in Salisbury, North Carolina. It’s famous for having branches in many convenient places and for providing affordable products and services.

Food Lion stores are also among the stores where you can find postage stamps in North Carolina and 9 other states.

Buying Postage Stamps from Food Lion

Getting the postage stamps you need from Food Lion is an easy process. All you need to know is where to find Food Lion stores and what kind of stamps they sell.

Where Can I Find Food Lion?

Though the chain’s headquarters are found in North Carolina, Food Lion stores exist in another 9 Middle-Atlantic and Southeastern states. These states are Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

There are around 1000 Food Lion stores in the US. The easiest way to find the nearest branch to you is through the website’s locator. All you need to do is to enter your zip code or city name to find the nearest branches. 

The store’s operation hours and days are almost the same. They’re open every day including weekends from 7 AM to 10 or 11 PM. Contacting customer service of the nearest branch or ordering online are also other alternatives. 

The stores offer a Food Lion To-Go service which allows you to order online from the store’s website and pick up your order from your local branch. It’s a service that saves time as some orders can be ready to be picked up in as soon as 2 hours only.

Still, make sure that this service is available in your local branch. Some branches may not have the online grocery pickup service yet. Also, it’s important to check online for available stamps first. Notice that some products such as stamps may not be viewed online.

To make matters easier, there is an app available for the to-go service especially to make the ordering process faster and easier.

What Kind of Stamps Does Food Lion Sell?

Just like at all other stores, the stamps available at Food Lion are the Forever postage stamps. You can buy a booklet of 20 stamps. Unfortunately, you can’t get single or special kinds of stamps from the store. Those are found at the post office instead. However, the stamps available at Food Lion are of the same price as those of the post office.

To easily find the stamps inside the store you can ask at the service desk. Stamps can also be found at the check-out cashier.

Similar stores that also sell stamps include:

Wrap Up

Yes, Food Lion does sell postage stamps and at the same price as the post office stamps. Yet, a booklet of 20 may be too many for some. However, one of Food Lion upsides is having many convenient locations so you can reach them easily.

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