Does Dollar General Sell Stamps?

No, unfortunately, Dollar General stores don’t sell any postage stamps up to this date.

Still looking for stamps? Check out other places where you can buy stamps.

Read on if you want to find out more about Dollar General stores, what they offer in their shipping department other than stamps, where to locate their branches, and more.

Where Can I Find Dollar General?

Dollar General is a grand chain of retail stores offering a huge variety of products at discount prices. They’re also one of the most widely spread franchises across our country, which means finding a store near your location should be a pretty simple task.

Dollar General owns and operates more than 15,000 stores nationwide, serving customers throughout 44 states in the continental United States. While it’s true that they don’t currently sell postage stamps, they’re still a mega-chain with a lot of bargains to offer. 

That being said, if you’re interested in locating the closest Dollar General store to your residence, simply go online, open up their website page, and try out the Store Locator service. 

Once you type in your address, city, or Zipcode, you can choose to view the nearest stores in a list form or on a map. You can also filter the results to only show Dollar General stores with certain services available such as FedEx and cart calculator.

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What Does Dollar General Sell?

We’ve already mentioned that Dollar General stores, as huge and versatile as they are, still don’t have postage stamps up for sale in any of their branches, which comes as a pretty big shock to most people.

So, if you’re wondering what this leading brand store actually sells if not stamps, well, the answer is just about anything else! From clothing items and pet supplies, all the way to beauty products and groceries, Dollar General stores offer a vast range of affordable products.

They may not sell postage stamps right now, but Dollar General stores offer many handy shipping supplies including bubble wrap, office security envelopes, office clasp envelopes, boxes, labels, cushioned envelopes, as well as packing tape.

If you’re wondering if Dollar General has what you’re after in stock check out our article on when Dollar General restocks here.

Is there a Dollar Store that Sells Stamps?

In a last attempt to find any U.S. dollar store that offers postage stamps for sale, we’ve looked at 2 other brands of the most popular Dollar stores, namely, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar. 

Unfortunately, our research led us to the same conclusion: Not at all. Dollar General, along with other well-known dollar stores don’t sell postage stamps.

However, it seems so convenient for U.S. dollar stores to sell postage stamps, so hopefully, the executives of these chains are working on it with the USPS.

About Dollar General

Founded in 1939, Dollar General was originally called J.L. Turner and Son since it was a family-owned business by James Luther Turner and Cal Turner.

Later on, the name was changed to Dollar General in 1955 and the first store made its debut. In 1968, Dollar General became a public company and went on the stock market.

Today, it’s one of the most successful and profitable chains, employing over 100,000 people and grossing billions of dollars in revenue.

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