Does Dillons Sell Stamps?

The short answer is no.

Unfortunately, Dillons no longer sells stamps.

It used to sell stamps back in the days, however, it stopped in 2016. The reason behind this isn’t very clear at the moment. Whether it’s going back to selling stamps or not is still unknown. 

However, Dillions is a great store to buy all your necessities so don’t let that drive you away. Here are some things other than stamps that you could buy at Dillions. 

What Can You Buy at Dillons?

Dillions has several departments like any megastore in the US. These departments are the typical ones. These basically have food, home appliances, and everything you might expect to find. 

However, one thing that caught my eye is the organization of the ‘store departments’. These are new arrangements, like for example, there is the father’s day store. There are also others like graduation day shop and summer shop. Summer shop has 5 subcategories which include burger shop and memorial day. 

This makes shopping a lot easier. The names are very intriguing too! However, these are staples in the Kroger company and all its divisions. 

Online Shopping From Dillons

Dillions is one of the most reliable online retailers in the US. let’s explore how the ‘pickup’ method works. 

The pickup method is basically having the store employees pick groceries up for you and deliver them to a location. You start by making this method your preferred one. Then you start filling up your cart. After you’re done shopping you’ll choose a pickup point and a free time slot. 

When the time comes, drive to the pickup spot and call the number on the sign there. The employees will then safely load all your groceries in your car.

If the employees can’t find the exact product you want,  they could change it if you want them to. They replace it with the product closest to it. For example, the same product from a different brand. 

Okay, so Where Can You Get Stamps? 

Fortunately here are of course many other stores where you can buy stamps

Stamps aren’t hard to find, they could be found in many places. 

Alongside banks and postal offices, several other services sell stamps. Other mailing services like USPS also sell stamps. You could find discounts on the prices of stamps at services like this. 

About Dillons 

Dillions is a division of Kroger based in Hutchinson, Kansas. They have majorly influenced areas in and around Witchita, Lawrence, and Topeka. 

It all started in the 1890s when John S. Dillion established a general store in Sterling, Kansas. The only twist was that his customers could buy products then pay later. However, soon Dillion found that this method costs a lot and so he decided to stop. 

Steadily, the business grew as his sons opened more Dillion stores. Till today, Dillions has 93 store divisions scattered around the US. 

After its major success, it was acquired by Kroger in 1983. This helped Dillions become a nationwide supermarket chain. 


If you’re in need of stamps at the moment, Dillions might not be your best option. We hope that the supermarket chain could once again sell stamps one day. Until then, you can enjoy the variety of other products that Dillions has to offer.

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